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The Overlap

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You may recall from your history books that the people of Svene once lived on another planet--four other planets in fact--circling a star called Frist. For centuries, they survived independently, their knowledge of the others nothing but a book of myths. Two planets of the four, in particular, benefitted from this lack of knowledge, as people on these planets had learned how to harness the very fiber of the universe and perform magic unlike anything seen on the other two planets. But the myths of another planet drove curious astronomers to search for proof that they were not alone. When the four planets discovered each other, the two without magic grew so fearful of the two with magic, that they waged a war across the solar system. So several wizards bound their gifts together in an attempt to find a safe haven circling another star. But the people of the non-magical planets had developed a technology that allowed them to follow, and so the war traveled with them. Whoever you are, wherever you grew up, the history books said the same thing: war raged across our planet until all of the wizards were killed and the texts burned. Magic disappeared. Except for you.   But the truth is, you're not special. And the magic of the world didn't die out, it fractured. The texts were broken and sent to far corners. Wizards learned to hone very specific gifts, and what was once a single, united magical fabric broke into twelve pieces. Whatever magic you were taught is only one of a dozen varieties that hides in plain sight on our planet, each so determined to stay hidden from the rest of the world they remain ignorant to the others, just like the people of the four planets along ago. But you are here because you are a curious astronomer. By accident or by design, you have stumbled upon another magical community. You are not the only one. Welcome to the Overlap.