Common Flat-Boat

War in shallow waters

The common flat-boat is a water-vehicle commonly used for war-purposes in Ishodera. It is the ideal war-vehicle to use in shallow waters since it can navigate in rivers as well as get in close proximity to the shore. The boats are commonly seen in the Ashigan fleet, though other groups in Ishodera have similar boats.  
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Common (Ishodera)
Rare (rest of the world)
4,5 m
19 m
Complement / Crew
Rowing team: 24 - 30
Commander: 1
Lookout: 1 - 2
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
3,5 m x 4,5 m space for cargo



Strategic considerations

The boat has no mast nor sail since those parts of a boat are highly visible from a distance. There is little to no wing between the islands in the western isles, so there is no need for them either. Instead, the boat has a rowing crew, around 24-30 people who row the boat. These are also warriors. Other than that, the boat also has space for the commander, some cargo (weapons) and a couple of lookouts.   Generally, these boats are very popular since they're not too small, but they're not too big either. If one ship is taken out, it isn't as damaging to the fleet as it could have been if they used bigger boats with more crew. Instead, they have hundreds of boats attack at the same time, and that makes it hard for anyone to defend themselves properly. Most of the time, the boats will pull up at the target destination at the same time, and then the place will be flooded with warriors. They're very quick to arrive as well as take off again.        


The Ashiga have used boats for war-related activities for centuries, and the flat-boat is a type of boat that has been around for many years. The first known version of the flat-boat goes back over a thousand years, though it was a lot smaller than the ones that are generally in use today.   The common flat-boat was first seen in its current version around 200 years ago. The design hasn't changed much since then since they couldn't find any major things to improve.   The boat has been linked to countless attacks and raids all over Ishodera and it's generally seen as a symbol of the Ashigans strength. Many on the islands fear that they themselves will fall victim to the blitz-attacks.
The day had only just arrived when they did. The beach was crawling with Ashiga, all with their own sharp weapon. The ships came out of nowhere and they vanished as quick as they came. They didn't kill anyone this time, but they did steal lots of important goods. We were lucky to escape without injuries or worse.
— Report on an Ashigan attack
by Ninne124

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