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The Triskelion

This airship is both a mobile research centre and the front-line defence of Euhukoa Empire. It belongs to The Mender's Guild and is primarily used for fighting off other planar or even other dimensional threats, though if it is needed it will also defend the empire from other countries that may attack.   Many of the airship's crew and other members of The Mender's Guild stay on The Triskelion for months at a time. There is anything they would need readily available; including training rooms, a library, two separate dining rooms, a couple of living rooms and a bath. There is even a stable for flying mounts and another room for animal companions and familiars.   The captain and the more high ranking members of the guild get private sleeping quarters but, depending on how many people are on the ship at the time, the others have to share with two bunk beds in each room.

Weapons & Armament

The Triskelion is outfitted with ten heavy ballistae, four on each side plus one in the bow and one in the stern. Five ballista arrows are stacked and secured nearby and more ammunition is available in the armoury on board the airship. Added to the ballistae, the armoury contains crossbows, longbows, several types of melee weapons and plenty of ammunition.

Armor and defense

The hull has a thick metal plating that is so smooth and polished that the surface is reflective, something that makes it difficult to spot The Triskelion while it is up in the air with nothing around it but sky. Added to the camouflage given by the metal, it is also incredibly durable. There is also a glass dome roof on the airship that can be open or closed depending on the weather or conflict it finds itself in. The glass is reinforced by protective magic in order not to break easily.

Communication Tools & Systems

Between the navigation deck and the engine room, for lack of a better word, there are hollow metal pipes where one end is almost like a mouthpiece and the other becomes wider and flares out a bit. If one speaks into the mouthpiece of one of these pipes it will carry the sound to the other end that amplifies the sound and makes it sound like the person speaking is in the same room. This makes for easier communication between the person steering the ship and the engineers in case something is amiss.   The captain of The Triskelion wears a crystal pendant. If they choose, they can activate the crystal which will amplify their voice to a great level so that they can be heard across the deck even in strong winds.


The Triskelion is equipped with magically made sensors that will give a warning if any part of the hull is getting too close to something.
The Flying Citadel
Owning Organization
Ten miles per hour
Complement / Crew
The Triskelion requires a crew of at least twenty people.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
200 ton cargo, 100 passengers


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