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Euhukoa Empire

This empire encompasses eight large islands as well as a number of smaller ones. The name Euhukoa was taken because it was already the name of the continent before the empire was created.


Empress Irixis is the supreme ruler. However, she relies on a council of advisers in all matters of the state. The advisers have different roles; one is supposed to keep themself informed on the history and cultures of all the different peoples of the islands, another keeps up to date with the most pressing issues on the islands while yet another keeps track of what is happening on other continents, and so on. There are at least twenty chosen advisers at all times. The empress sometimes chooses to relieve advisers of their duties, sometimes because they are doing a bad job but other times it's because they have become old enough to retire. She then carefully selects new advisers from prominent people across the empire. Either they are actively involved in politics or they are simply known among the locals of where they live as a passionate person who likes to change things for the better. These people can choose to refuse becoming advisers but very few do.   Governors to island are chosen by the empress and she checks in with each of them every week to hear more about what is happening in each region as her advisers can't quite pick up on everything in places they don't live. The governors represent the empress' will on the islands and make sure that everything is in order with trade, industry, and law enforcement. They also listen to complaints or suggestions that the population might have. Governors live in the major cities of the islands but they are supposed to travel around to all the other settlements on their islands at least once a year.


When Irixis arrived in Euhukoa she had no ambitions or intentions of forming an empire, much less leading one. At the time she was merely an adult silver dragon, not yet having reached the status of ancient. She squeezed her way through the portal leading into the large portal chamber of Sky Sanctum. Cheerfully saying hello to the stunned monks guarding it, she had no idea the impression she had made upon them. They were only charged with making sure that no harmful creatures came through the portal but they certainly had never expected to see a huge silver dragon enter the Prime Material with such speed that they had no time to react.   The monks were speechless but one by one they fell to their knees, thinking that Irixis was an avatar of Bahamut himself. She quickly corrected that notion and, to have more room to move in the large but not quite large enough chamber, she changed her shape to that of a young human woman with shimmering pale skin, long silver hair and silver eyes. The monks averted their eyes and one scrambled to fetch her some clothes. Irixis told the monks that she was very curious about the Prime Material plane and it would be great if at least one of them could show her the area around where they lived before she moved on to other places. The monk who had fetched her the clothes, a halfling woman named Fivinta Fomdemos, offered her services as a guide to the area.   At the time, Imperos was not a great city, nor was it named Imperos. It was a rather small town of mostly farmers, many of them family members to the monks of Sky Sanctum, and a few magic users who made sure that the enchantments of the sanctum were upheld. Irixis spent a few days getting to know the monks and as much of the townsfolk as she could. Then she made her way out to the surrounding areas to look at the beautiful nature and all of the creatures that lived in it. However, doing it alone felt lonely so she went back into town and sought out Fivinta who she had grown fond of very quickly.   Irixis asked Fivinta if she would join her in exploring the continent. Fivinta agreed and a few days later they headed out for an adventure that would, unbeknown to them, span many years and turn into a quest of making life better for all living in Euhukoa. Because what Irixis found on every island was a lot of suffering. Clans warring over resources that were sparse in that particular area or the entire island in question, people starving because of an inability to grow crops in the extreme conditions on the islands on higher altitudes. A lot of stealing and leaving old or disabled people to die because they couldn't contribute to hunting or gathering food. Entire races being caught up in a blood feud for which they had no memory of how it began. The difficulty in getting from island to island for anyone who wasn't a dragon meant that they couldn't trade for resources across islands if they should stop fighting and struggling against the elements for long enough to even want to.   Added to all of that, the continent is located on the edge of the Prime Material plane and the fabric of reality was unstable, leading to rifts and anomalies in space and time. Villages and large areas were wiped out by otherworldly beings at an alarming rate and they had little to no defences against it because no one worked together. The only place with a real structure and trained arcane users was the town around the portal to the Plane of Air.   Irixis saw all of this struggle and she wanted to make it better. She wanted to unite the people of the archipelago and in doing so make real trade possible along with the creation of new helpful technologies as the clans and settlements would no longer be busy fighting each other. Needless to say it took a very long time - almost a hundred years in fact - but she was a dragon and time was not an issue for her. She was only sorry that so many more people had to suffer and die before she could help Euhukoa become a better place to live for all.   After all of her efforts - such as travelling to other continents to meet with inventors and magic users who could help with ideas of how to improve living conditions and transport in Euhukoa - at last the islands' population was flourishing. However, the islands lacked real leadership outside of clan leaders and town elders who still argued with each other a lot. When Irixis' most enthusiastic followers and friends told her that she should rule the entirety of Euhukoa she wanted to refuse, but eventually she was convinced to accept the role as empress of the new Euhukoa Empire in the belief that the different peoples of the islands would start warring again at the drop of a hat without someone there to watch over them.   In year 1269 of the Age of Awakening, Irixis took her place as Empress. It was not at all a smooth process and many were angry, not wanting to submit to her leadership; something that she definitely understood and she wanted to solve every issue with diplomacy rather than force. Some of her advisers said that it would be far quicker with force but Irixis reminded them that she had a lot of time and she was there to make people content, not to anger them further or resort to killing those who opposed the idea of Euhukoa Empire.
Founding Date
1269 of the Age of Awakening
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Euhukoa, The Empire, Scattered Islands, Sundered Islands, Skylands
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Mixed economy
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