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Osiaric Warships

The warships making up the Osiaric Navy are unique to the Osiaric Empire. The warships have the ability to sail and to submerge themselves. In tales and lore, Osiaric warships can submerge themselves under the water, and appear upon the surface elsewhere, with dry decks and sails.
[Medieval/Renaissance warships and basic submarine research required]

Power Generation

The ships are powered by both rowing and an uncertain power source the Osiaric Empire never spoke of, and has been keeping secret. Rowing is used more in shallow waters and the unknown power source grants deeper water travel. Sails are used to aid and presumably preserve the power source when the ships are sailing on the surface.


The same power source the ships use to power its deep water submersion also grants the ship propulsion in deeper water that rowing and sails alone could not provide.

Weapons & Armament

The warships are armed with cannons and the individual crew members are armed with guns. These weapons however, do not seem capable of holding magical effects.

Armor and defense

The unknown power source is speculated to also power a ship-wide shield in place of however the ship stay dry while underwater. These defenses are speculated to be able to deflect projectiles, and some magics.

Hangars & docked vessels

Each warship carries two life rafts stored above the cannons within the firing deck. The wall paneling presumably is removed during dire situations calling for the abandoning of the ship, for the rest of the crew, it is suspected there are other ways for individuals to remain afloat.
Owning Organization
This warships are unique to the Osiaric Empire, any attempts to capture one and to deconstruct a ship have resulted in ships destroying themselves.
An average of 40 knots.
Complement / Crew
An average of about 140 crewmen.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
If the ship is fully crewed, the warships cannot carry cargo other than supplies for their weapons, and less than a handful of possible passengers can be carried.

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