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The Osiaric Empire

The Osiaric Empire to the east of the Soplan subcontinent is a major shipping empire, though it controls a space the size of Goltheris, and the Five Cities Region combined.


The Osiaric Empire is built of regions who had previously warred against each other until a military leader came to conquer all of them. The first Empress restructured the whole Empire into self-governing regions under the Empire. Each region makes their own laws and maintains their own cities and roads, but any road that crosses region borders becomes the Empire's to maintain. The Empire handles inter-region disputes and trades, as well as any international dealings.
Each Empress rules, but a council and the legal courts can run counter to the Empress. The position and title of Empress is inherited from parent to firstborn regardless of gender, but there have been cases where younger siblings became Empress instead, but those were usually the result of the the firstborn abdicating their claim to the throne.
The council members are elected representatives of their regions, and work to ensure their regions are being treated fairly, as well as considering new laws for the entire Empire. Council members propose laws to the Empress, who can approve or disapprove of the law, and debate laws proposed by the Empress.
The courts exist to oversee the laws and to ensure the laws are enforced. Each region has their own courts to oversee and enforce their laws, the Imperial Courts oversee and enforce the laws of the Empire. The Courts, however, can disapprove laws deemed to be against the Imperial Laws, regardless of who had proposed it.


The Osiaric Empire has a major naval force. [Research into this kind of stuff later, Lyraine]


"Who can tell me how the Empire began?" "Before the Empire, there were about seven kingdoms and many smaller ones who were warring against each other over the land and to rule all of what would become the Empire. And then the First Empress, Osia came from the North leading her fleet. From the northern kingdoms to the south, she conquered the land and united the kingdoms, forming the Empire." "A summary of our history, but you've done well, Taniss."
— A classroom teaching the history of the Osiaric Empire
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Oshraran Empire,
"Oshrars" by those of Soplas, "Osias" by neighboring regions.
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles

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