Tel-Mobile 48

Fast and Versatile Assault Vehicles

You'll get in and out quickly with a Tellie. Just make sure that your guns are loaded and your gunner competent.
— Vei Olvengauda
  The Tel-Mobile 48 is a fast armoured car-snowmobile hybrid with three seats, one in the front and two in the back. It has ATV tracks at the rear, and skies in the front, making it excellent for driving on snow. The spot on the left side of the vehicle is taken up by a large machine gun. The original manufacturer of the vehicle is unknown, but there are enough of them around for the Taisari Defense Force to use. The Tel-Mobiles are generally used for full-on frontal attacks.  

Agile Assaulters

Armed with a powerful machine gun and heavily armoured in the front, the Tel-Mobile 48 is an excellent machine for rushing into battle. A dozen or more of these vehicles, combined with a few motorised guns for taking out armour, can quickly overwhelm an unexpecting foe. Destroying one of them in a straight-on fight is nearly impossible.  
Keep your eyes on the flanks. If they catch us off-guard, we're as good as dead.
— Vei Olvengauda
  Its weakness lies in its unarmored flanks and rear. Hitting the vehicles from the side can be enough to take one out. Bullets from high calibre small arms can penetrate through the side of the Tel-Mobile, potentially harming the driver, the crew, or the passengers. Getting in a good position to shoot them from the side is difficult, however. The car-snowmobile hybrids are manoeuvrable and if their crew sees that they are in danger, the driver can quickly turn the front of the vehicle to face the danger. A well-planned ambush is the best way of defeating an attacker that has Tel-Mobiles.
5.2 m
1.74 m
1.8 m
110 km/h
Complement / Crew
2 crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
2 passangers

Mysterious Origin

  Where the name Tel-Mobile 48 came from has remained a mystery. Some believe that there was once a company that manufactured the vehicles and that their name had to start or only include name Tel. The number 48 is supposed to be the year in which the machines went into production. There are some who refute these claims. Critics have claimed that the so-called Tel-Theory relies too much on speculation.

Cover image: Two Man Hiking on Snow Mountain by Flo Maderebner


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