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Black Engine

Machines of Conquest

Black Engines not only saw use as the most efficient and rapid transport in the Udrithi Empire but also made for devastating weapons of war. Each engine had an outer hull comprised of thick sheets of steel and cords of sinewy muscle, and with enough time, the engine's dark core can repair any damage to the colossal machine. A Black Engine placed in a mountain pass or on a wide plain could chew through even the most well-equipped armies with little anyone could do to resist. These insidious devices powered themselves by the slaughter they brought, feeding on the corpses of the dead and their pain and suffering as it tore its way forward. In the dark days after the Fall, these machines have become breeding grounds for malevolent spirits, as the engines still make their circuits in the Udirkith's underground realm.
When I first laid eyes upon that immortal machine, I felt my blood run cold. Even ancient and ruined, evil still ebbed from deep within the monstrosity. I had never sensed such a presence. A veritable avatar of anguish and ruin even after the millennia of disuse.
— Lucan "Crown" Duskwood

General Information

God-Machine, Twisted Engine, Metal Corpsemover
Related Myths
30 feet
30 feet
2,354 tons
200 mph
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
25 passengers or about 1,150 cubic feet.

Wall of Churning Death

A Black Engine is pulled forward by a mass of blades, hooks, and spikes that bite and claw at the ground to rocket it forward. These spikes cover the spherical outer hull in a celebration of steel and death. Flesh, bone, iron, and even stone would crumble before the onslaught of a Black Engine.


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