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Udrithi Forgehammers

A Myth

Written by Tidus Demtrix

Twin Hammers of War & Production

Sum’w’ere out d’er, sum’w’ere under d’e D’road of d’e Werld… D’er be a vaul'd of Udrithi makin’. In d’ad vaul'd, d’ey sealed away some ‘ammers from d’e d'ime of Gaul. Legendary d‘ools, d’ey can forge any med’al by d’e ‘eat of the ‘ammers alone. D’ose ‘ammers forged d’e weapons and armor of Gaul’s c’osen, and d’ey soaked a shred of d’at supreme divinity in. D'ey could ‘andle d’ad power back d’en, and maybe now sum’one can d'oo!
— Anonymous Udirkith Elder, who was missing quite a few teeth
As the Udrithi Empire began to rise, the Divine conqueror named Gaul needed weapons, armor, and tools to forge his supreme empire. Nestled into the Throat of the World and surrounded by the rich earth full of metals and minerals, the Udrithi forges had as much material as they needed to forge the implements of war. However, the first came the tools necessary for production. The Udrithi Forgehammers were born somewhere below the rock and stone, an idea of hammers blessed by both the mountain’s heat and a sliver of Gaul’s Faith energy. Twin hammers took shape from the strongest metals and the hottest flame, becoming the physical symbol of the forges touched by the Divine.

Powerful Myths from Powerful History

The Udrithi Forgehammers, in the hands of the Udrithi, were capable and responsible for the forging of the various weapons, armor, and war machines that were employed during the Udrithi Conquest Wars and the War of Smoke & Steel. The design of the Forgehammers was implemented across as many forges of the empire as possible, totaling out to hundreds upon hundreds of Udrithi Forgehammers. The hammers were perfected by the Faith energy infused within, capable of feats unthinkable in the normal forge. Crushing and smelting ores into purer liquid metals, shaping cooled and cold metals with just a few swings, reforging broken and snapped weapons or armor plates into perfect pieces once more, and mending broken down war machines without having to scrap anything.

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Cultural Roots

While no sophont has seen or possessed such grand tools since the fall of the Udrithi Empire, the mythos surrounding the Udrithi Forgehammers has roots in the history of invention and war under Gaul’s rule. What scattered remnants of historical literature remain from that time hint at the existence of tools empowered or infused with a fraction of Gaul’s Faith power. The armaments of Gaul’s Exalted all hold stamps or etchings of twin hammers crossed below the banner of the Udrithi Empire, leading the circles of scholars who indulge in the empire’s ancient history to believe in reality behind the myths. Those rumors and myths have trickled down across the learned folks, and permeate as a shred of hope for the Udirkith who remain in the wake of the empire’s fall.

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