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Gaul's Exalted

Researched by Elias Dods.


Gaul's Exalted were comprised of the most loyal and devote followers of the Udirkith war god Gaul. They served not only as Gaul's personal army but also ruled over the Udirkith people and commanded its many armies. They received the most rigorous training, best equipment, and highest honors throughout the empire, and thus, none within their ranks were anything less than the most devout zealots.
Their zeal for combat and blind loyalty to Gaul's grand vision for the dwarven people rivaled even the most zealous followers of Argous creating a potent governing body for the dwarven people. Their enforcement of Gaul's laws and codes was one of the great stabilizing influences of Udirkith society. When the empire turned against their one true God, the Exalted turned against their kin, slaughtering the traitors in the name of their god and bringing about The Shattering of the Udirkith.

Gaul's Chosen

Gaul's Exalted became the god's direct hand in the lesser affairs of mortals, his word becoming religious doctrine fanatically followed by his chosen dwarven agents. For their life-long service to Gaul, each bestowed with but a wisp of his divine power, which forged them into the truest interpretation of Gaul's ideals. These dwarves towered over their kin as thickly muscled exemplars, superior in nearly every way the entire order was comprised solely of these Udirkith Pierdorians.

Udirkith Vanguard

The Exalted were always the first troops sent to battle the enemies of the empire and were instrumental in the conquest of the lands seized by the Udrithi Empire. Their slaughter of the Jotunkiths, conquest of the Moorwald, subjugation of the Garkith, and their merciless battles against the First Men is legendary. Many of their battle tactics are still studied today and the scars from their vicious warring have remained for generations.


When the Udirkith turned against Gaul and his children, the Exalted remained loyal followers of their god. His final command to his faithful servants was to wage war against the dwarves, to bring the fury of Gaul down upon them, and cull the traitorous heathens. His Exalted took to their divine mandate like rabid dogs, and over the next century, they would slaughter thousands of dwarves, assuring the collapse of the empire. Finally, going to ground after the shattering of the empire, they would scatter to the winds in search of their lost god.

His will, by my hand.

General Information

Dissolution Date
7736 of Kith, 1736 U.E.
Religious, Divine Host
Alternative Names
Gaul's Chosen, Gaul's Host, the Udirkah
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Related Myths

Worship of Gaul

Gaul's Exalted were the core of his faith, and each embodied his ideals for a perfect dwarven people. They brought his tenants of strength, dwarven supremacy, and the glory of the empire above all to every land the Udrikith conquered. They were fervent in their faith for Gaul accepted no half-measures, and only absolute devotion would receive their god's praise.


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