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Not truly a unique species, the Pierdorian are the blessed form of any sophontic species given the power to tap into a Domain by an Angel or Archangel. Being that any species on Ravare, or off, can be changed made one of the Pierdorian is extremely difficult to categorize, organize, or otherwise identify the various Pierdorian by anything other than the Domain they have access too.


Though any species can be transformed into a Pierdorian, the Domain they are transformed by does generally change their appearance in slight ways. Pierdorian created through the Domain of Frost might become more pale or grow thicker hair or an Stigmata created through the Domain of the Forest might take on a slightly green hue. The more abstract the Domain, the more complicated or varied the transformation might be. Notably, Pierdorian that originate from Human ancestry often seem physically unchanged by the Blessing.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Because Stigmata can be created of any species or culture they have no true naming traditions. As a Stigmata grows in strength or reputation it is not uncommon for them to collect titles in a manner similar to their Angelic creators. These titles are often simple such as "the Unhindered" or "the Wall" and almost always refer to a past personal experience.

General Information

Genetic Descendants
Slightly longer than their original ancestry.
Average Height
Same as their original ancestry.
Average Weight
Often a bit less than their original ancestry.
Related Ethnicities

Known Pierdorian Types

  • Ember Pierdorian (Fire Domain)
  • Depthwalker Pierdorian (Depths Domain)
  • Marbled Pierdorian (Beauty Domain)
  • Tempestuous Pierdorian(Storm Domain)

Quick Notes

  • Any species can become an Pierdorian, but their racial bonuses are replaced with the Pierdorian bonuses.

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