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Kill Kopter

Type of helicopter used by the Eternal Chicago Empire's Airwing.
  A far cry from the sleek attack helicopters of the Old World, Imperial kill kopters have an ultralight design with a triangular base on top of which goes one or two seats and an engine for the rotor behind them. Running out the back is a boom for the tail propeller. No two kopters are exactly alike, while they share similar design and identical engines, each is custom-built by toren engineers working for the Imperial Airwing or the Chicago-based felins. Sometimes armor plating, additional weapons, or mounting points for bombs are added.
  Pilots are almost exclusively felins or torens, on account of the felins' near-complete control over aviation in the Empire. In combat, kill kopters serve as ground-attack and reconnaissance craft able to fly slower and more nimbly than an Imperial warbird.


Power is provided by an internal combustion engine running off fuel made from liquifying coal, which the Imperium obtains from the kingdoms of Appalachia.

Weapons & Armament

Single-seat kopters are often unarmed save for bombs and whatever guns the pilot carries, two-seat variants add a dedicated machine gun and gunner to operate it, forward of the pilot's seat.

Armor and defense

Their primary defense is maneuverability, the small felin-sized kopters are hard to hit from the ground and a few bullet impacts do not pose serious risk as long as the engine is not hit. Some pilots add armor plates beside and below the seats to protect the crew.

Communication Tools & Systems

Most are equipped with short-range radios to enable Airwing squadrons to coordinate.
Owning Organization
Complement / Crew
1-2 felins


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