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Race of uplifted cats found in North America, particularly the Great Lakes region.


Felins are about four feet tall, with a variety of fur colorations. They have sharp retractile claws on their hands and feet, and pointy teeth. To accommodate a brain capable of intelligence the felin skull is enlarged with a high forehead, and paws reworked to double as hands with opposable thumbs. Felins have much better night vision than humans, but are colorblind. Their faces resemble those of big cats, their sub-sapient genetic ancestors.


More individualistic than humans, felins can easily come across as aloof or arrogant. Their societies tend to feature smaller groups than in humans, Dunbar's number is not as high for them. Felins do not respect leaders who do not lead, i.e. put fur in the game by joining a fight alongside their troops, for instance.


The first felins were created in the mid-21st century when a wealthy heiress who was very fond of cats decided to fund an uplift project, not realizing this would amplify both the cute and the jerkish aspects of feline behavior.
In the present day, most felins dwell in the southern Great Lakes region, particularly within the territory of the Chicago Empire, which has formed alliances with various felin groups there.
Scientific Name
Panthera sapiens


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