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War Ram

The minotaur war ram is a terrifying sight to behold. A monstrous, pointed ram mounted on a many-wheeled cart, the minotaur pull it into combat and slam it into fortifications, often passing through on the second or third charge. Flanking the ram are tall shields of bronze, designed to protect those pulling the ram from direct assault, thus maximizing the offensive output while minimizing the loss of life.   While it may seem like the War Ram is the same as any other ram employed by any other military, the minotaur war rams are a beast all to themselves. The sheer size and ferocity of the minotaur allow them to move and lift things on a scale unattainable by any other group or military, and their endurance can be matched by none. The war rams are monstrously large, some being made from whole cedar trunks and capped with heavy bronze spikes. The strongest minotaur available will build heavy iron carts for the trees to sit on, and then drag the rams to their intended targets. Once there, the handlers will begin to run, reaching a higher speed than any other military could even dream of before slamming the ram into whatever fortification that the minotaur deem troubling. Several of these rams were employed to great effect during The War of Tusk and Horn to break down False Folk castles. The sheer size and ferocity of the minotaur allowed the war rams to effortlessly glide through fortified wooden doors, stone walls, and portcullises with ease.

Power Generation

Pulled by minotaur or, more rarely, beasts of burden.



Weapons & Armament

Giant bronze spike on the front

Armor and defense

Two large winged bronze shields on either side, designed to protect those moving the ram from suffering a direct frontal assault.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Horns
Your order is "fall"
500 days of labour
15+ metres
2-6 metres
500+ KGs
Complement / Crew
10+ minotaur
Cargo & Passenger Capacity

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