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Irminsul is a world that already had its revolution. From the ruins of a million slave rebellions formed the War of Tusk and Horn, an uprising of enslaved peoples all across the known world who smashed the centuries-long hegemony of their oppressors, and earned back their much-deserved freedom.   These freed peoples, calling themselves simply The Kin, come from a variety of backgrounds, but are generally tribal and semi-nomadic: orcs, minotaur, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, lizardfolk. For centuries, these proud cultures remained oppressed and controlled by their brutal overlords - an alliance of elves, dwarves, halflings, humans, and gnomes. The war for independence was long and bloody, with atrocities being committed on all sides, but in the end the Kin won their freedom.   Now, several generations later, society is re-imagined. The Kin have formed stable nations, engage in trade, and are very closely allied against the ever-present threat from the south. Border skirmishes are common, as many former oppressors in the southern nations remember and seethe over what is to them a recent defeat.

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