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Levitation Sail

Similar to the Levitation Boards, levitations sails use the power of Levitation Crystal to float above the ground and allow the user to glide over surfaces faster than running. Levitation sails are larger than levitation boards and are made out of metal so as to be able to safely secure a mast in the center of the board. The mast allows the board to move at speeds up to 10ft per second. Small fins on the bottom of the sail allow for the user to steer be leaning from side to side and to slow the board if they lean backwards. Invented by Dr. Cazari for use of the Vefcak army the sails have been adopted as a mode of transportation for messengers within the army. The sails also allowed large numbers of troops to be moved at immense speeds if they possessed a single powerful caster (usually using the control weather spell). Production of the sails where given to Crystal Tech (the sails are still only manufactured for the Vefcak Army). A few manned sails where intercepted by a group of Ledfell sell swords in the middle of The Great War and where sold to the Ledfell military for 25000 gp each. After a year Ledfell started using similar sails to move troops and execute sneak attacks on Vefcak.

Power Generation

Levitation crystals
Owning Organization
50 gp
Rare outside of the Vefcak Army
35ft/6sec (normal) - 60ft/sec (with wind)

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