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Levitation Boards

Levitation BNoards are simply wooden planks that have had a Levitation Crystal or two stuck to the bottom of it. The boards where first created by the son of a mining company executive when his mother brought home a bag of levitation crystals. The boy used metal clasps to affix the crystals in the the bottom of a wide wooden board and then decided to ride down a hill on it. Soon he was the talk of the town and other people tried to recreate the board. Eventually the boards began being mass produced and where sent all over the world. The crystals that are used are mostly man made so as that the board will eventually loose power and more have to be bought. The main manufacturer of the boards is the company Crystal Tech, this company makes loads of levitation crystal equipment, toys, and gadgets for tons of different reasons. The Levitation Board is one of Crystal Tech’s most popular items since it is ever popular with the age group of 10-20 and can easily be used for getting around easier.


Levitation crystals stored inside a long cylindrical tube that lyes on the underside of the board
Used by
Float board
Uncommon - common
4 ft
1/2 ft
5 lbs
40 ft

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