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Third Rate Ship of the Line

The third rate ships are dwarved in comparison to their larger first rate sister ships, but that doesn't make them any less important in matters of the maritime military.
  Third rates are faster and shallower of the draught, making them able to go places their bulkier counterparts can't. They are better suited for pursuit of smaller ships and for tying down an enemy fleet untill the heavier ships arrive. Third rate captains are more than capable of bringing their small fortresses-of-the-sea to bear against several larger opponents and holding their own.
  The difference between the Marinian and Coranimii third rate is the armaments; Coranimii ships tend to favour more guns over manouverability, in direct contrast to the Marinian third rates. A typical third rate could be armed with anything between 50 and 80 guns.
  During the Pirate War the Marinian third rates were able to chase and neutralise the smaller pirate ships of the Great Divide. It is debatable if the war would have gone the same way if it were Coranimii third rates leading the charge.
  More recently, Marinian privateers have been testing the abilities of Coranimii naval ships in the Episay colonies. In a straight up duel the Marish bravado and manoeuvrability proves victorious. While the second and first rates soak up the damage of a large battle, the third rates circle and duel, or look for weakened larger ships to finish off. Following a number of encounters off the Divided Isles, the Marinian Navy has become more reliant on the high-spirited third rates to maintain the Marinian territories.
  However, as the Coranimi Empire dry-docks churn out more first and second rates, the Maranian Navy struggles to maintain the advantage.
Sand Sharks
30 to 46 feet
130 to 180 feet
Draught of 20 feet
1,000 to 2,000 tons burthen
up to 12 knots
Complement / Crew
300 to 700 men

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