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Drift Cycle

The most volatile transport of the urban landscape

When chasing down a threat in this massive city, you wouldn't want to go without this in your arsenal. These threats can be incredible fast and...HEY! Pay attention! By Mother's elements...   Now once the directive has been declared by head station, find your designated DRIFT cycle and remember to connect via spinal link. Failure to do so means you can't start the damn thing so you can't do your job. You have to be one with the machine in order to use it to its fullest potential. These babies can clock to speeds that can send your eyes rolling a full 360...if you're not PAYING ATTENTION!
— Instructor from a level 1 requirement DRIFT Cycle course
  Drift (Directional Rotary Infrastructure and Flexible Technology) Cycles are vehicles specifically designed to cover most urban terrain within the city of Nexus . These cycles were first developed for units of the Anti-Threat Order, and are usually prohibited by civilian use due to their high volatility. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon site for DRIFT cycle crashes to cause a spectacle and a mess of things. The most skilled however can run circles, squares, or literally trigonal trapezohedrons around across the metropolitan landscape.  

Origins of a Death Trap

  After the almost catastrophic First War of the Threat Wave, the Anti-Threat Order worked diligently to develop new technology to help the organization's fleet respond to emergencies across this massive city. Training beasts of burden from the Keio wilderness was not so efficient, and flight based tech like a Levitation Incorporated Framework Transport could not navigate very easily near the ground.   The first prototypes proved dangerous endeavors. Those that willingly tested the first cycles were sent to Rezz Rehab after fatally crashing into different parts of a testing sector of the city. In collaboration with the aged yet ambitious Horace Hertz, creator of the System's infamous Hertz Transit System , the R&D team developed the first successful DRIFT Cycle prototype, verified with a much lower casualty rate of 35%. It's a common spectacle to see inexperienced, unskilled drivers attempt their rides into the city only to cause a crash or explosion with some structure or unfortunate entity.  

Bound to Nexus

Drift Cycling in the City
Tokyo Infinity by Pawl Nolbert
As DRIFT cycles became the natural choice for security to patrol the city, the Ministry of Management continued to authorize various city augmentations to increase the safety of not only its drivers but the city's bustling population. Neon light alert systems indicated to civilians ahead of time when DRIFT cycles were approaching so that they could retreat to safer areas. This is especially useful during high speed chases. Certainly this vehicle was built to withstand the sleek, smooth, and symmetrical nature of the city, but outside of it DRIFT cycles end up being completely useless.

Armor and defense

Forcefield shield modules are a standard for official Anti-Threat Order cycles in order to protect the rider from external offenses. There is a limited amount of energy available to keep the forcefield active, so the shield activates only when sensors preemptively react to incoming attacks.

Communication Tools & Systems

The driver can access the comms unit built into the vehicle via spinal link, getting access to headquarters' directives.


Access sensor modules are built into the bottom of the vehicle to determine if the rider has access to a particular sector of the city. This information is disseminated from the rider's spinal link connection.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Omniwheels give the vehicle heightened flexibility to change dramatically in different directions without losing acceleration. This means being able to perform any turn up to 360 degrees with ease.
In underground markets, DRIFT cycles can fetch anywhere around 85,000 to 175,000 of cryptocurrency
These vehicles are supposed to be exclusively operated by the Anti-Threat order, but that doesn't stop unauthorized models from being manufactured by illegal means
150-350 MHz per hour depending on model
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1 driver per unit (Also 1 passenger capacity but is not recommended)

Cover image: by Jonathan Cosens


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe the functions of a vehicle used for military practices or conflicts."

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