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Levitation Incorporated Framework Transport

A personal winged apparatus

There's nothing quite like owning a LIFT. You'll feel like you're on top of the world, high in the sky, and closer to heaven than any of those lowly peons on land.

It is a rare sight to see an entity own a Levitation Incorporated Framework Transport, or LIFT for short. This winged apparatus is the most glorified way to travel across Navi-PC and is an obvious status symbol available to the prestigious few. It is common to see various security units own one since it's an effective technology to quickly travel to a location when necessary. The Ministry of Management are the only ones to authorize an entity's request for a LIFT. These units are custom made to order and can be upgraded with various plugins. Sometimes entities try to compete with each other, commissioning the flashiest designs they can show off.

Illegal Manufacturing

However, entities who do not want to climb the ladder, to go through the grueling protocol of earning a LIFT, try to covertly attain one of their own. Homemade, not to mention illegal, LIFT units have been rumored to be manufactured under the raider by underground organizations or individuals looking to improve their wealth and influence. It is risky though for an unauthorized entity to own a LIFT, so bigger designs are opted out for smaller stealthier models.


The apparatus is propelled with the power of integrated C.A.D material. Not only does this material keep the user afloat, but logic controllers enhance the force given off by the crystals towards the direction the user desires.

Weapons & Armament

It is taboo for any offensive plugins to be used on LIFTs, but that hasn't stopped entities from illegally doing so.

Armor and defense

Base models are incredibly fragile, but some LIFTs can be enhanced with defensive plugins. These plugins are only allowed for security personnel.

Additional & auxiliary systems

When a LIFT is inactive, the wings conveniently compress into a small mechanical crest on the user's back. The user can activate their unit at will using a mental password sent through a spinal link connected to the crest. Anyone else who attempts a spinal link with the unit and doesn't have the password will be unable to activate it.

Only a few authorized entities own one
Wingspan can range from 3 to 10 meters across
Barely weighs a couple ounces
Up to 500 MHz per hour
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1 driver per unit


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "What is the most stylish method of transportation in your world?"

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Jul 24, 2018 06:18

It took me a second to register that it said "Speed: 500 MHz" and not 500 Mph, and I kind of really love it. <3   It's such a cool nod to the setting. Do you intent to clarify sometime exactly how far that takes you? Or is it analogous to miles per hour? :) Or is it more odd, depends environmental factors unique to the world? I can't wait to find out

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Jul 27, 2018 05:44 by Sai & Tyme

I do intent to clarify more about how time and distance are measured in my world. :) I'm only touching on the little shallow parts for now and then hope to elaborate more once Summer Camp is over, because deadlines omg! xD

Jul 27, 2018 06:17

I hear ya there XD   Look forward to reading about that :D

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