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a.k.a Complex Ambient Diamonds

C.A.D is a brilliant stone of solidified light, first discovered in the mountains dotting the landscape in the Isle of Keio. These are suspected to be keeping all land masses afloat from sinking into The Eternal Ocean, thus making them an incredibly revered resource. The light inside the diamond is where the true value and potential for powerful uses lie.


Material Characteristics

C.A.D. can be found in different shapes and sizes with bits of natural rock stuck to the surface. Though once cleaned and polished, the stones glimmer almost too brilliantly to be looked at with the naked eye without feeling pain or discomfort.

Physical & Chemical Properties

When mined from the rock, the diamonds float easily in midair. With enough force, it could be pushed out of arms reach. The stone is cool to the touch, lightweight, and indestructible under extreme physical impact. They radiate intense light of different colors appearing depending on what temperature the surrounding environment is at.

History & Usage


C.A.D. stones themselves are not quite useful for much, but the light from the stones have to be extracted in order to be used for various technologies. C.A.D engineers are the only ones able to extract, contain, and manipulate the light properties of the diamond. Once the light is extracted from the diamond, the stone crumbles into crystalline dust.

Manufacturing & Products

Extracted C.A.D light has various uses across the System, but is mainly used to enable various transportation technologies such as the Hertz Transit System and the Framework Levitation Icon. Much smaller C.A.D. stones are sometimes reserved as a luxury for entities who can afford to wear them as a fashion statement, either in clothes or jewelry.


Mishandling light extraction can cause dire consequences such as forced genetic manipulation (missing body parts, body parts moved around, etc.), implosion into nothingness, or explosive effects.


Trade & Market

This item is a heavily regulated and exclusive resource only used by the Ministry to help build transportation infrastructure across all of Navi-PC. No regular entities are allowed to have access trading this stone, but that doesn't stop some from attempting to get their hands on C.A.Ds. This item is rumored to be smuggled by the The Torrent Syndicate and even traded by Standalones outside of the Ministry's control.

Law & Regulation

The Ministry of Management authorizes controlled mining only from the Isle of Keio and no other island. They fear that if C.A.Ds were freely mined it would destroy the structural integrity of other islands. Mining in prohibited areas is punishable by limiting access and in extreme cases death by Executioner.



Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "What unique resource exists in your world? What are its properties?"

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