The Torrent Syndicate

Opening the gates to a brave new world

No one else is like us. We have the power to do good for all of you. Do not be afraid, because we are seeds of a new age. We were born to bring you a new world, a revolution of a free and liberated ecosystem! Only good can come from this, so why not support us and let's do the greatest good together?
— Liem Wirren

The Torrent Syndicate is an ecoterrorist group led by three powerful entities, viewing themselves as a force for good. They believe the organization lends itself as a savior for all and is fully against the controlling mechanisms of the Ministry of Management. The Ministry looks at the syndicate as a threat due to the leaders' notorious relationship with the forbidden Fidelity Gate, a mysterious landmark that has been known to bring various and dangerous threats. The group's popularity is divided, with ostracized entities praising the Syndicate's work while the higher class voices their fear and outrage. It has been a pain for the Ministry to delegitimize the group's efforts, unable to keep up with their stealthy and unpredictable activity.


The syndicate uses the following code names when communicating with each other.



The highest rank of the organization reserved for the three leaders. This is due to their inherent abilities to interact with the Fidelity Gate directly without suffering from the gate's violent energy fluctuations. No one else knows how they are exactly able to do this.



Second highest rank of the organization belongs to entities who have proven their trust with transporting/smuggling data between the different areas of Navi-PC. Not many hold this title, and those that successfully carry out transactions are rewarded with specialized resources for applying upgrades to themselves and enabling object synthesis for better equipment.



Third highest rank of the organization belongs to entities whose focus is to release captured “Threats” held by the Ministry. They infiltrate areas where they can to make sure these creatures are released back into the wild. These entities even risk being injured by threats while making sure the beasts themselves are unharmed.



The least ranked entities dedicated to the cause focus on recruitment and finding customers for the syndicate's services. They must be discreet, friendly, and quick witted in order not to get caught by the close watch of patrols from the Ministry.

Public Agenda

The Torrent Syndicate's aims to create a world free from limitations set by the Ministry who controls a large portion of the System. Their focus is divided into two strategies.


Data For All

The first goal is for all resources available in Navi-PC free to be harvested, processed, and consumed for all entities no matter what level of authority someone has. They do not believe it is fair that the Ministry of Management controls the flow of resources, telling who can access what. The syndicate claims that they have the power to provide rare resources to marginalized entities and break down the hierarchical barriers the Ministry imposes on the entire civilization.


Rights For All

The second goal is to strip authoritative labels for all entities and make sure all living beings have the same rights. This includes sentient and non-sentient beings. Creatures, mostly considered threats by the general population, spawned form the Isle of Securo are protected by the organization since they are also considered an integral part of the system deserving of a chance to roam and be free from persecution.

We all have the right to be free

Meet the ring leaders of the Syndicate:
Music addict and brains of the organization, Nahnah is the oldest of the group though she hardly looks like it compared to the others. She is the quiet type, but her hyper focus is impeccable when hacking.
An alcoholic partnered with a sharp tongue, Liem upkeeps the public front end of the organization. He will do anything his power to make sure you never say no to a deal.
The strongest and youngest out of the three, Vyu handles the muscle when necessary. She can hold more data than anyone else, and has a knack for spying.
Illicit, Terrorist group
Alternative Names
E2E, Freedom Filers, New Wave


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "Which criminal organization in your world is the most notorious, and why?"

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13 Jul, 2018 23:41

Oooohhhh great style and layout! First time I've seen your work, I love it! Torrent syndicate is such a fun name as well!

14 Jul, 2018 02:16

Thank you Tikal! Your comment means a lot since I haven’t made anything on World Anvil until now. ^_^

Laughing Prophet
14 Jul, 2018 02:06

Ecoterrorists mixed with a theming that seems to be revolving towards cyberpunk / digital reality? Intriguing. I would love to read more into it and get a better grasp on things, but your home page seems to be set to private so that does complicate reading deeper into things.

14 Jul, 2018 02:18

I was considering making my world’s homepage public and have flip flopped whether or not to do so. I will consider it since you have shown interest in reading more. I honestly didn’t feel ready to do so, but hiding in the shadows isn’t serving much it seems. ^_^’ Thank you for showing your interest!

Journeyman RwbyMoon
Benjamin Andula
14 Jul, 2018 07:45

I have nothing to add than what Laughing Prophet said : Eco terrorists working around a cyberpunk world, with a huge seinen inspiration, it's clearly interesting. I would have loved to have the deep foundation explained uhuh.

"Nothing great has been accomplished in the world without passion" -- G.W.F. Hegel
19 Jul, 2018 20:25

Thank you Benjamin! I'm definitely working on the foundation of this world. I'm literally manifesting all this for summer camp so it's been a discovery phase for me to figure out what this world is about. :D

Journeyman RwbyMoon
Benjamin Andula
20 Jul, 2018 07:45

Okay ^^ If you develop further these terrorists, don't hesitate to poke me on PM or simply on the World Anvil Discord about them, I really like things in that type ^^

"Nothing great has been accomplished in the world without passion" -- G.W.F. Hegel