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Benjamin Andula

Member Since: 14 Mar, 2018

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Young student in Graphism who likes to write up his universe, with some friends ! To be noticed a weird sense of ethic, morale & logic. Still, I'm someone more or less lucid through my young age of 16, with a well started personality, thanks (or due ? No exact idea) of 6 years of harassing, but well, it has been finally as beneficial than problematic for me.

Stellaria Aeterna

Interests & Hobbies

Sleep, Roleplay, Eat, Argue for nothing..

Favorite Movies

The Green Line, and probably others that I have forgotten. Totally not someone with a huge cinematographic or more generally artistic general culture.

Favorite Books

Smurfs & Asterix :kappa:

Favorite Writers

Stephen King and probably others. Like said upward, weak artistic general culture.

Favorite Games

Starcraft II, Heroes of the Storm, Minecraft..

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