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The Non-Conformists

Outsiders of the System

Standalones are seen as rebellious, undeserving, and unproductive members of the System. Because of their secretive and isolated lifestyle, they are also viewed as untrustworthy under the eyes of Nexus' security forces. The Ministry of Management attempts to regulate Standalones in order to take advantage of their efforts and expertise with gathering resources. Very few entities comply to establish beneficial relations with the Ministry. Most are not enthusiastic to agree to resource gathering contracts and play by rules outside their own.


Shared customary codes and values

Standalones reject being confined to an address, and most members that end up joining abandon the address that was assigned to them after they were born. They live a nomadic lifestyle, roaming the wilds mostly in isolation. They usually don't travel in groups, but sometimes interact with each other to briefly trade any resources to help them survive.


Since they don't rely on the provisions of the city, they know how to take care of themselves. Standalones even practice their own forms of synthesis to create their own technologies and bytes that serve them in the wild. Despite being viewed as a degenerate from mainstream society, they are confident they have something to offer aside from the monotony Nexus requires from entities. They are self-disciplined, working hard to scour the wilderness for new and exciting resources to procure.

Common Etiquette rules

It is customary for a Standalone to share a file resource when meeting another in the wilderness to promote good karma amongst their fragmented society. However, they are not very pleasant to be around since they partake in heavy banter and biting sarcasm.


Relationship Ideals

Standalones' relationships with others extend up to friendship and nothing more. They prefer to have loose ties with anyone, enjoying fleeting moments of social interaction.

Standalone Scenery 1
Being forced to stay in one place? Assigned a dwelling that looks cookie cutter like the others? No thanks! I bet your cycles are as boring as monotonous serial processing.
— Amp, media guru extraordinaire

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: “Describe the most marginalized ethnicity in your world.."

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