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Portable Allocation Compression Knapsack

A convenient way to stash your cache

Did you hear? There's a new PACK model that's rumored to hold up to 76% more stuff! I bet it's more expensive though. If Illustrata designs a new line for those models though, they can take my money!
— A young fashionista

Everyone Has One

Portable Allocation Compression Knapsacks, or PACK for short, are one of the most useful items to all Ciers, especially frequent travelers. It can carry numerous belongings, including those physically bigger than a PACK. This is due to a standardized compression technology built into each model. Upon inserting an item into any of the openings of one's PACK, the item immediately shrinks into a much smaller shimmery cube, easily fitting inside. The owner can review what item is inside each cube through a holographic preview before initiating a decompress sequence for the item to return to its original state.

Fashion for the Vain

  Ciers that travel frequently between the residential town of Memree and the city of Nexus rely on their PACKs not just for carrying essentials for work and play. Some wear theirs as a status symbol and to stand out from the crowd. Many different models and designs have popped up to appeal to those who want something different instead of the minimal models offered by the Ministry. One adverse cultural affect riddling some scientific observers is Ciers having the sudden urge to hoard everything after acquring a PACK, bringing home with them resources to fill their HDD Unit .

Functional Necessity for Wanderers

  For the Standalone , it is crucial to own a great quality PACK since they travel across far distances without the help of city technology. Usually they lean towards bigger PACKs with better compression technology in order to carry as much supplies as possible to have the best chances of survival. Resource savvy Standalones may purchase several PACKs to use them on their mounts for carrying goods back to the city for selling and trading.

Standards and Limitations

  Safety precautions have been implemented to prevent hacking, tampering with, or reverse engineering a PACK. These regulations also help protect entities from any adverse affects, such as accidental compression of ones hand or any other body part. Zip seals help regulate the constant compression flux, preventing items from returning to their original state while inside. Also items that cannot entirely fit initially within the dimensions of a PACK cannot be compressed.
Simple blue PACK
by Sun Lingyan
Item type
Related ethnicities
Base Price
Depending on the model, prices range from as low as 20-4000 cryptocurrency

Cover image: by Cynthia del Río


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe the functions and uses of a commonplace item in your world."

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