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HDD Unit

Welcome home!

Cozy isn't it? Five hundred and twelve square feet may seem small at first, but you can always expand if you really want to. Also, don't mind the RAID bots. They're here for our protection.
— A friendly neighborhood Cier
  HDD Units, short for the more gentle description Harmonious Domesticated Dwelling, are smart cuboid-shaped spaces built for the modern comfort and needs of Ciers. This type of home can only be found in the heavily regulated suburb of Memree, located on the floating Isle of Ineo. At their most basic level, they are elegant, sleek, and unassuming. They are also engineered to be stacked vertically, allowing owners to extend the space of their home if they so desire. Due to the organization standards imposed by the Ministry Of Management and the limited availability of land, units cannot be extended horizontally in any direction to accommodate future residents.  

Capacity and Customization

  HDD units come in four sizes: 512, 1024, 2048, or 4096 square footage. These sizes can be mixed, matched and rearranged. Sometimes this results in very odd-looking dwellings, with narrow spaces on the bottom and wide spaces at the top. They are also delivered on-site with a base white coating on the outside and insides. The inside is completely empty, with no walls or windows, and a single front door leading out to the neighborhood block.   A single tablet near the front door allows the assigned owner to configure their interior living space using a digital blueprint editor. It does not allow for the exterior to be modified much, with the exception of windows, in order to keep some uniformity with the rest of the neighborhood. Several default templates are offered as a way to quickly choose with an option to edit the space later. Once the configuration is complete, several smart features of the home become activated to synchronize with the new chosen layout.   These features include:
  • Minimalist multi-functional furniture
  • A voice activated home assistant
  • Thermal regulation systems
  • A programmable CARB Food Printer
  • RAID safety alarm
HDD Unit High Rise
by Joel Filipe
Parent Location

Cover image: by Samuel Zeller


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about a typical house or dwelling in one of your cultures or countries."

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