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CARB Food Printer

The "Culinary Auto Re-arranger of Bits"

Don't waste time swizzling when you can dedicate more time for The System! Get savory dishes such as Bitsghetti and Bitballs, Roasted Bitatoes, and a Bitken Bitwich instantly! Or maybe you want a Bitberry Bitscream Cone, Bitnana Bread, or Bitlet Chip Cookies to satisfy your sweet cravings. If you dream it (or code it), this can cook it!
— CARB Food Printer advertisement

A Revolutionary Invention

  Back in the day, Swizzling was the only method for Ciers to synthesize nourishment. Then when the CARB Food Printer came into the picture, everything changed. The time spent to cook food reduced dramatically, and ushered a new wave of productivity and efficiency. Without it, the city of Nexus wouldn't be the powerhouse it is today. Other technological inventions may have been pushed many cycles away. This equipment literally fueled the future into a new era.


The primary function of a CARB printer is to output food using an input of ingredients, or bits. The machine can accept bits in two ways:  
  1. A pre-packaged collection of already prepared bits with a set programmed recipe
  2. Individual raw bits which the user has to program a recipe manually
  Vendors may develop, advertise, and sell their own pre-packaged dishes for entities to purchase and use on their machines at home. Many prefer this convenience, but some decide to experiment with the printer themselves, coding their own recipes and individually purchased ingredients.
Morton Kwik accidentally discovered this technology while working on synthesizing video resources, particularly with .MOV extensions. His encoding/decoding techniques accidentally crossed with a couple of snacks he had in his pocket. The Bitlet bar and nutty bits accidentally became rearranged into a Nutty Bitlet bar! Realizing what happened, he came up with the idea to programmatically decode the physical makeup of ingredients and encode them into a finished fully cooked dish.
Access & Availability
This piece of equipment is fairly common and accessible to most Ciers. They are installed as a default feature in HDD Units where entities live. They are also used in Hasheries by chefs who produce unique recipes that cannot be found at Convenience Caches.

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe a major technological breakthrough and the impact it had in your world."

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