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The wanderer's way to nourishment

Yooh noh, swhizzeling iz compleetleh safe, if yah knoh what yoh dohin! If yah cahn't takeh deh heat, yah cahn't takeh deh meat!
— Nooteh Pathra Plous-La-Plous
  Swizzling is a common cooking technique for a Standalone to synthesize bytes in order to survive in the wilderness. Unlike the city dwelling Ciers of Nexus, Standalones rely on their bravery, wits, and ingenuity when it comes to creating consumable bytes when resources can be difficult to attain. Though these techniques are seen as primitive or crude to outsiders of the nomadic life, they are essential if one plans to venture out on their own.


Swizzling was the original way of synthesizing bits before CARB devices were invented. Most Ciers lost the skill to Swizzle since this piece of technology automatically created dishes, and can be programmatically modified to create different recipes. Standalones carry and share this knowledge to others of their kind, keeping this tradition alive.


To begin any Swizzling process, an entity first has to establish a heat source. Ingredients are usually cut very evenly to optimize the cooking process and to waste the least energy. Odd bits and ends that are not perfectly shaped are chopped up even more to allow the cook to mold the ingredients into a uniformed shape. Any other pliable ingredient ends up being molded into a uniformed shape one way or another. Finally, the cook chooses which combination of tools to complete the synthesis process.

Components and tools

A Standalone has a choice set of tools they carry to sustain themselves. Very rarely do they share their toolset, so wandering entities make sure they have their own. Reusability, multi-tasking ability, and maintainability is an important factor for long-term use without having to recreate them from scratch or having to carry too much supplies. These tools are catered for a single entity, so dishes cooked with them are not meant to feed a crowd.  
  • Long metal sticks. When used in pairs it's to stir or pick up ingredients. In singles, it's used for skewering.
  • A metal bowl for stewing, sautéing, or frying.
  • A single butcher blade for cutting, chopping, and slicing.
  • An earthenware pot for roasting and steaming.

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe the culinary traditions that are unique to an ethnicity in your world."

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