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Meals for 1: Swizzling 101

The go-to guide for the rustic approach

Takeh dis befoh yooh goh. Aye madeh yooh a copeh. Doh aneetanh yoh wantah wid eet. Anh don'ta yooh worreh, yooh urneda eet! Eet will shoh yooh da bhest deeshes toh sintehsayze dehpendeeng wheh yooh goh.   Oh, bayeh deh wayeh, doh noht deevide a faunabit bayeh zeroh. Dat's jus crool.
— Nooteh Pathra Plous-La-Plous

Artistic Origins

  Swizzling 101 was originally a pet project by an elder entity named Naoyu Kuhkin who was passionate about the manual synthesis process of the nomadic people. She could not give up her cushy lifestyle, but made an effort to seek out and interview Standalones who would be open to speak with her. Her persistent charm and patient demeanor was able to break through the barriers of even the most brash. Her mission was to show the Ciers of Nexus how beautiful the swizzling process truly was and how it's an art form that should be celebrated. However her project was not received with the same enthusiasm with the rest of civilized society, and her work quickly faded away into obscurity.  

A Living Document

  It was only restored from the city archives when a sudden influx of young entities decided to abandon their addresses. It was the only recorded file that helped them feel more prepared to take on perils outside of the city, becoming an invaluable resource for exchanging with other nomads. Eventually the file spread and even became modified to include new information or recipes by new owners of the recording. The original format of the guide evolved into different forms of mixed media, combining text, audio recordings, and video, containing different pieces of information depending on who owned it. Also, the file no longer contained recipes, but locations of various ingredients. It's unknown how many copies of the file exist now, and even more difficult to attempt to collect all versions into one compendium.
Picture of Naoyu
by Marisa Howenstine

Tidbits About the Original Author

Naoyu was an old fashioned lass, lover of all things vintage and retro. Though difficult to master, she was passionate about mastering desserts. Her favorite medium to work with was mostly physical text in a scrapbook style with tabs and pastel colors. Naoyu terminated at the ripe age of 91 before her work was restored, not being able to realize the proliferation of her creation.
Manual, Culinary
Digital Recording, Various

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about a collection of culinary recipes from a particular culture in your world."

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