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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a collection of culinary recipes from a particular culture in your world.
A total of 224 entries

The Preparation of Wystyras: An Elder's Taste

Lost Recipes of the Infernal Kitchens


Matron Leýma's Book of Wholesome, Healthy, Hearty Meals

Gastronomy of the Western Territories

Beigshak Essential Slirene cookbook.

Auntie Toadstew's Recipes and Assorted Magical Concoctions for Health, Luck, and Hexing

Excerpt from a Gnomish Cook Book: Cucumber Yoguhrt

The Celestial Cookbook: A guide to Elven Cooking

Dungeon Cooking: Gourmet Recipes for Adventurers

The International Culinary Mastery

Mushrooms and Morsels: A Guide to Dwarven Dining

The Amateur Chef's Complete Course Compendium

Cooking Advice for Those in Hard Times

Sauces and Marinades of the Plains and Sea by Orvin Gorobach

10 recepies for clay oven

A house-cooks guide to Rerish Cuisine

A Guide To Cooking Like A Maressean

The Seafarer's Guide to Faefish

Balaeron's Guide to Istarian Cuisine

Traditional Cuisine of Megaloth

Summer's Delights Recipes

Les champignons de l'Est

Compendium of the Original Mysteries

Classics Meals and Dishes of The Wraith Globe

Maulin Delicacies and Recipies from the Seven Kingdoms and Beyond

The Compendium Of Too Many Cooks

Albenis Eats, A Tour Though the Culinary Practices of the Albenis People

Feathers And Foods - A Rahnika Cookbook

Culinary Recipes from across Ethilia

Mama Carillo's Lasagne Recipes

A Practical Guide to Home Cookery

The Essential Table for Fox Households

"On preserving the knowledge of barbaric tribes", part III: Food and eating habits

Gormund's Guide to Sea Dishes vol. 4

Dainon's Book of Imperial Cooking

The Comprehensive Cookbook of Colors

Pai Te Whenua - The book of land's delights

Untamed Appetites: A Guide to Centaur Cuisine

Travaran's Culinary Atlas of Drua Shye

The Great Compendium of all things fish

A Beginner's Guide to Kethendian Cuisine

Cooking with Mammoth Fat By: Bundo Marblepot

Relereny's Collection of Crunchy Crumbly Delights

Hooffing It: Meals On The Move by Hesta Bucatar

Looters Survival Guide: Foods

Haer'Ash, The book of Heated Pleasure

Vera Vandrou's Fifty Maple Pies

The Recipe Book of the Telkathir

Plymcroftian Delights: a Recipe Collection

"The Wandering Gourmand" - Staple foods of Visinell Sanctuary

The Alchemist's Guide to Good Eating

Apothecarists and their recipes

Do You Smell Smoke? The Art of Cooking Meat by Wymond Son of Wylburg

Herbalism, Potions, & Magical Healing

A Letter From Görsh Kiska to his Son

Notes on Cooking and Preparation

Kitab al Halawiat (The book of sweets)

Recipe for Sweet & Fiery Bugbear

Recipes in the land of beasts

Modern Ancientster Book of Cuisine

St. Hargrim's Survival Charts

Popular eateries in Siiem harbour.

QueQiao: a Culture of Cuisine

Feast of Lusius Literius for Atraxis

Explosive Flavors: A journey through the Izzet League science of food

The Kitchen's Book of Larch Hill

The MeatMan’s Manuel, a Collection of Recipes by Francis Sinclair

Thorn Melon Cooking: A Thorough Guide

Gondonian Recipes Through The Ages VOL 1

Dr. Melba Goolde's Authoritative Encyclopedia of Fungi

Edibility Amongst The Dark

Bilgen Brewstaff's Guide to Fine Dwarven Food On The Road

Traditional Korgic Meals, by Urik of Muttonhall

Halfling Recipes for the Common Kitchen

Wollard's Collection of Culinary Cuisines of the Aeyd

The Culinary Practices of Old Ecleinia

Mincing in the Marshes of Magmoia, by Nuovis Elris

Cooking in Wilder Ways, by Abel Hevel

Doctor Greenclaw's Guide to the Draconic Diet