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Fungal Foods

I prefer a more varied diet, but I must confess that the stew is very good.
— Xalnan visiting Lenia

Containing the largest collection of recipes with fungi as the main ingredient, the book called "Fungal Foods" has something for everyone, be it the simplest of stews, the most complicated of pies or the cheapest of mixed raw salads or a soup with spices costing a small fortune.

While most people living in the mountains don't have a copy of this book, almost everyone knows the content by heart because they were thought by their parents how to make these dishes.

Travellers visiting the region will have no choice but to taste some of them because there is only very little that grows high on the mountains.


These recipes were written down in order to store them for the coming generations. They are stored in the archives of Hallfell.

Historical Details


There is not much that grows well in the mountains of Halalan, but one thing that does are various types of fungi. So naturally these became the food of choice in that region.


Originally the recipes were just shared orally between family and friends.

For the longest time no one thought much about this until one came to the thought that it might be a good idea to have these recipes written down and copies taken to Hallfell.

No one disagreed much, and so the recipes were written down. One small challenge turned out to be that every family had - and to an extent has - their own version of each recipe.

Manual, Culinary

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