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Cooking Most Fowl

This cookbook was written by a half-elf named Xand Dnaser who lived on Ponowin Island of Euhukoa. He greatly enjoyed both cooking and writing as well as puns (which was unfortunate in some people's opinions). Another thing he really liked was to experiment with ingredients. He was not a wealthy man by any means so in order to get the ingredients for his cooking experiments he hunted and gathered most of it himself. With the scarcity of land living animals in the area he lived in, it just so happened that a lot of the prey he hunted were different kinds of birds.   No matter if his little experiments tasted good or not, he would always eat all of it in order not to let anything go to waste. He also used some of the feathers for his arrows, something that he described in the book. Cooking Most Fowl is not only a cookbook but also a sort of chronicle of how Xand lived and tried to preserve the land around him and make sure that it was healthy. It is an interesting look at an example of how a person lived on one of the floating islands without access to much trade or help from others. This is another reason to why a lot of people find it unfortunate that the title of the book is a dreadful pun. That sometimes dissuades people from buying the book or from reading the parts that aren't the recipes.   Xand never intended on publishing his recipes or the stories around them. He was simply writing a journal for his own purposes to remember the recipes and to be able to read back the days he spent in his little house and in nature. It wasn't often that he talked to other people or ventured into a town to do errands so he had little contact with the outside world. That changed when one day he found an injured human out in the woods while he was gathering roots and berries. He helped the human and brought her back to his house so he could treat her wounds. Her leg was injured severely enough that she wouldn't be able to make it back to town for quite a while.   They got to know each other pretty well during that time and because she was curious about what he was writing, he let her read parts of his journal. She was enamoured with his writing style and the recipes (some of which he had cooked for her during her time there) and she told him that she knew people in town that could help him make the journal a published book. That would probably bring in enough money for him to buy some more exotic things to use in his cooking as well. Xand was very hesitant at first but after some time when the human woman had already left to go back home in town, he decided that it was worth a try.   It has been a very long time since then but Cooking Most Fowl has been reprinted a lot of times and translated into several languages. The original was written in Elvish.   No one knows the name of the woman who convinced Xand to publish his writings. She is only briefly mentioned as "the injured woman" and he describes her as a pain in his ass that kicked him into putting his work out there when really he just wants to be left alone.

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Cooking Most Fowl is available in any well stocked bookstore in Euhukoa Empire. It is also sometimes found on other continents but to a much lesser extent.
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