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Gavon's Gastronomicon

More than just a collection of recipies, Gavon's (Gaah-VON's) is a treastise composed of smaller works. It is littered with anecedotes, observations, corrections and substitutions. Primarily it is recipies of pre-collapse soul food, but with alterations. Most of the products mentioned in the recipies simply don't exist anymore. Instead there are instructions on either where to find them, or ingredients and methods for how to create a replacement.   Anyone seriously studying Gavon's will recognise that it wasn't written by one person. While difficult to determine the best guess would be this impressive work was begun by one person whose approach to food was that of a hobby chef. Scarcity of the supplies this individual was accostomed to led to exhaustive attempts to recreate them. It could be assumed the book was passed on to either children or a kindred soul and expanded on.   Now it is nearly equal parts cookbook, journal, history text and survival guide. Many Juxtalen tribes have at least one copy, deeming it of importance. Because of a lack of printing presses, these copies will have been faithfully created by hand. Scholars of such works can trace back the age of these copies based on the attempts to illuminate them by the scribes. The more recent copies having significant additional embellishments, becoming something of a ferverent religious text. Some have chapters added giving instruction for basic cooking techniques written in a highly ritualistic prose.   The Remtelen have their own copies, treating the original work as the beginning of a three volume set, expanding upon it in volumes two and three. Copies of these sets are kept in the Domicles of Nurturing and considered the starting point of education.   The Amerites, however, also have Gavon's, republished several times under different editors and slightly different names. Few of them are worthy of note except the Bartholomew Press Holocalypse Edition. This rare text is a fully re-written and updated version. It is written as a journal by a fictional(?) wasteland exporer simply refered to as the Vagabond. Much of the extraneous text of the original Gavon's is gone, replaced by direct and to the point articles explaining each of the recipies, with new chapters for making replacement ingredients. Work is underway in Atlaport to reconstruct a printing press specifically to reprint this book.

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