The Fusion Bible

Written by Barron

I've seen some dumb things. Sushi Pizza, Meyfar Mouthwash, but nothing, NOTHING, has matched the sheer offense I took at the publication called "The Fusion Bible."   If that is a bible, than we need to regulate religion!
  The Fusion Bible was a publication created by Chef Renauld Urbusa. The Syndicate Chef wanted to create recipes that fused together some of the most popular dishes from each of the Sophont cultures. Meyfar mixed with Habenero, Shrimp mixed with Whiptipede. It was published by Yugo Publishing in the Jupiter Syndicate.  


The book has been a controversial piece of literature since its publishing. Some people praise the book for the inclusiveness and unique recipes it provides. The recipes while often changed by the user, are still reviewed as being creative.   Many others state that fusion completely dilutes the unique flavors that each Sophont brings the to table. Some accuse the recipes of never being attempted by Chef Renauld, or else they would have been severely tweaked. Some individuals have gone as far to ask if Chef Renauld actually went to a culinary institute.  
Renauld is as much a chef as I am the reincarnation of Euphraesthi

Example Recipes

Meyfar Foster (A mix of Banana Foster and Meyfar) Po'Verin Sandwich (A mix between a traditional Verin fish as a Po'Boy Sandwich) Surf N' Surf (Whiptipede and sauteed Shrimp)  
Meyfar Foster... I think I can understand why the Somnolent is so harsh to Sazashi now.
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Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 30

Write about a collection of culinary recipes from a particular culture in your world.

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