Euphraesthi is the supposed Sovereign of Jhoutai.   Despite the age of her crowning, it's impossible to get a straight account of how she came into her power, or even who she was. Most Sazashi will claim that their race is shared with her own, but there are no firm records confirming or denying any one race.   It's generally agreed that she became the Sazashi Sovereign during the Battle of Shejltheil during the Sazashi Revolution, but exactly how is a subject of great debate. The Shejlt-Rajh, Ka, Parisan, and Khirmage tout her honor and ferocity in battle, and say that she died in single combat with hundreds of Verin, and that for her nobility The Wheel chose her.   The Aen and Nasyk believe that she didn't die in battle, that she drew back from it after The Wheel contacted her, and disappeared into it before calling down the Rajhalden to end the battle.   There are many theories beyond those, but those are the greatest known.   The Shejlt in particular have a unique relationship with Euphrei. Their chosen name, Shelt-Rajh, means Children of the Sun. This is because the Sun Stone which came down during the battle came down in their land, and they believed it to be a gift for them, for it's from the Sun Stone that the Sazashi developed their first anti-grav technology, which they later used to rule the world for many years, and which is a key component in modern Meissner engines.

Currently Held Titles

Did Euphrae die?

What Sophont is Euphrae?

Where did Euphrae come from?


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