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Introduction to the Sophont

The Sophont are the major species of Ethnis recognized to have sufficient self-awareness and command of the Meta. Sophonts are broken down into their Subraces, known as Kinds. For example, IreHeart and GearHeart kinds are both Human Sophont.

The People of the Realm

Sazashi by Antti Hakosaari


They were the first. Their history stretches far beyond any other. They were the first to discover Meta, to discover genetics, and to discover Indices. The Verin pride themselves in their history, and taking the time to always make the right decision.

Within the Verin is the drive to be a beacon of stability. They maintain ways of life that have worked for millennia. They embrace the Meta that made them strong, and adapt new technologies only when they can make them perfect.

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Sazashi Ka by Ademal and Redwolfsam


A race not evolved, but engineered. The Verin created the Sazashi as a slave race made by combining the features of the Verin and the Sazakraht. With such strength, they did not stay slaves for long.

The Sazashi have a drive built within them. Their Akjhe gives them purpose that is as much physical as it is mental. This drive led them to spread from their home of Jhoutai, to expand to new worlds.

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Human by Ademal


Once a proud and optimistic people, time has not been kind to humanity. Over the ages they have been forced to adapt, to change culturally and physically. They have to be like the Verin and Sazashi—exacting and harsh.

In humanity there is an urge to be different. They grew up on Eden without the Meta and wish to embrace that history, if only the meta wasn't what made them unique now.

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The Kinds

Sophont are groupings of Kinds—subspecies.

These Kinds are variations of the Sophont, each with unique features and capabilities.

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What is Sophonce?

To be a Sophont you must possess Sophonce, which is measured in awareness and capability with the Meta.

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The Tiers of of Emotional and Intellectual Being

Other Sophont

Although these are the recognized Progenitor Sophont, there are other entities which demonstrate features of Sophonce.

This list includes some Uplifts, Informorphs, and Manifestations.

Recognizing them as Sophont raises ethical and legal concerns regarding how some of these entities are treated.

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