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We are the product of humanities gradual achievements and desire to be more. Technology has become who we are, literally so when you speak of us Gearhearts.
— Gearheart Citizen
The Gearheart are a forced evolution of Human designed to survive the dangers of space and colonization, specifically sub-optimal gravity, radiation, and stress.   They as a race have substantial changes to their skeletal structure, most notably to their marrow, which now naturally produces a cocktail of positive bacteria called Ichor, after the blood of Greek deities, so named because it mixes with their blood and gives it an orange/golden hue.   They have brilliant minds, and were designed from the ground up to interface and interact with mecha technology.



I sat among the Gearhearts, who tinkered with the wiring of the Wayship. It was a stark contrast, gun metal grey of the hull and the bright vibrant eyes of the engineers who worked with it.
Lives spent in space, subterranean colonies, and environment suits has left most of them pale, though as a general rule they retain many of the physical features of their ancestry. They tend towards being short, a trait encouraged by unnatural selection of the first generation and genetic manipulation of their ancestors.   Their irises are slightly larger than average, and usually come in vivid shades. What really makes them stick out it the slight iridescence of their skin, which causes it to look different colors at different angles and which becomes severely pronounced at times, this was added by their first generation simply to look more distinct when compared to the other Human.  


Gearheart eyes range through the most vibrant colors of the spectrum. There are no mild colors, only the most extreme blues, reds, greens, and purples.
Unwavering • Calculating • Flitting • Colorful  


Gearheart females have less sexual dimorphism than most human kinds. The uniformity was designed for space and colonization purposes to help save on resources.  

Racial Abilities

Gearheart abilities are focused on leveraging the technology around them or even within them. Their intelligence is their strongest skill, with even the most tribal of Gearhearts having a natural instinct for Mathematics.  

An unintended side effect of the Ichor is the gift of Magnetoception, which allows them to detect electrical fields, ranging from a microwave (which they can sense within a few feet of themselves), to live wires (which they can sense by touching), to powerful electric arcs up to many meters away.

Space Savvy

 The Gearheart were created to survive and operate in space, a location where most other kinds would have difficulty. This engineering lets the Gearheart work around the negatives of zero g, though it does not make them immune from the dangers of a total vacuum.


Brief History

We are the ones who did the true pioneering of space. Our minds and abilities kept humanity advancing, and we still push our boundaries.
— Gearheart
Ever since Humans first looked to the stars they wanted to know more of those distant points of light. Their planet was an island adrift in a sea of shadows and they wanted to sail those enigmatic waters. Within a staggeringly short amount of time their species went from thinking their planet was flat to landing on their moon.   They had made ships which could sail to the furthest stars with a living cargo, but there was still one shortcoming - their ships were advanced enough to escape their atmosphere and to keep their crew alive, but they lacked gravity plating and other modern amenities requisite for long-term missions. Their solution was the GearHeart, a distinct race of Human which not only solved their colonization issues, but provided a new type of Human to fill the roles opening up as their society grew ever more advanced.

Common Culture

Gearhearts can always be found where the latest technology is available, whether they are masterminding it, consuming it, or trying to figure out how it works. They are a culture that is built around these technologies, and have the most mechanical augmentations of any of the kinds.
Gearhearts tend to mingle around different cultures in groups, as their mathematical drive often throws off other Sophonts interactions with them. Many Gearhearts also tend to live on Wayships and Waystations, taking advantage of their innate ability to work with the technology and atmosphere.


The Gearhearts gift with technology and mathematics guides them in their life choices, and they find jobs which grant them the ability to work on mechanical elements and expand their knowledge. Many Gearhearts will pursue jobs in space, as that is where much of their design as a Kind is oriented.  

Team Support

Gearhearts seeking adventure will join groups as 'tech support.' They are great at maintaining the teams equipment and modifying them, as well as interacting with any pesky tech.

Tech Seekers

Gearhearts will often try to live in locations that allows them to be closer to technology. They may join parties to escape boring lives and learn more for themselves.


Naming Conventions

Gearheart names can vary greatly, but a large majority of Ireheart names derive from Eastern Asian societies.
Surname Philosophy - Family Name • Sven Cholkaiv

Ethnis Lite Sophont

Gearheat are playable in Ethnis Lite! Supporters of Ethnis see RPG info on this page!

Common Banners
The Church of The Somnolent
The Jupiter Syndicate
Uncommon Banners
The Verin Haimarchy The ValuSelu Pact
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens Machinae
Height Range 5'10" to 6'2"
176 - 188 cm
Weight Distribution Endomorphic


Common Gearheart upbringings
You are a Gearheart who is always up to date on the latest tech. Whatever new gadgets or concepts are coming out, you know it first and you use it first. This technology edge comes at a cost, as in Ethnis technology is always evolving.
You find yourself most comfortable in the calm expanse of space. Whether you venture around in your Wayship or settled on one of the many Waystations, you always like to have your feet on cool metal rather than solid dirt.
You can never truly be on the top of the world by sitting in one spot. That's your drive, and you tend to travel to find the best of tech from every region that you can. You find ways to make everything work together.


In Game

Playing a Gearheart

Playing as a Gearheart involves being the brain and engineer of the party. Something needs hacking? A piece of gear needs a new modification? Need to figure out if the door is trapped? The Gearheart is the one to do that.


  Gearheart NPCs often serve utility roles in society, they may know the low down of how a place mechanically runs.     Gearhearts stay up to date on tech culture, they may know what the trends are.     Gearhearts make fantastic support roles, helping the party get through technical roadblocks.     Gearhearts can also be used to help support players with their gear. Gearhearts often own shops to service Mecha tech.


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