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There's a fair few Kinds of us Humans kickin' about the stars these days, but you can't deny the appeal of the classic flavors.
Unless Ethnis somehow turns out to be a prophetic glimpse into the future (frightening concept), then the person reading these particular words at this particular moment is most likely a FirstHeart. They take their name by way of being none of the others, by being the first among the 'Hearts and the progenitor to all.



Many Phenotypes

Due to a worldwide migration at a key point during its evolutionary development, humanity boasts the greatest phenotypical variety of all Sophont. Some of these phenotypical features are so pronounced that they can be used to estimate a human's genetic and ethnic heredity with a reasonably degree of success—a social ritual which many humans take part in, though which is considered a social faux pas by many more.   The Verin developed on one modest continent and the Sazashi were constructed, so they were quite amazed to meet humanity and find so much phenotypical variance without the associated pronounced morphological variance that the different Kinds of Verin have. Unfortunately, few Verin or Sazashi are unable to appreciate or discern most of these differences.   Among the Kinds of humans, it's the FirstHeart which most represent this variety. Where the first IreHeart were primarily of Eurasian and Middle Eastern descent, and the first GearHeart were primarily of Latin and Asian descent, the FirstHeart comprise humanity as a whole, and so represent all of its major historic ethnic groups and phenotypes.   Due to human globalization on Eden before the Advent, the FirstHeart in particular are a vibrant blend of their ancestors. The average FirstHeart is a blend of four or five different ancestries, most natural but some artificially injected in vitro to keep recessive genetic traits that the family finds important, such as red hair.  

On Average...

The average FirstHeart has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and honey-tinted brown skin ranging from light to dark depending on sunlight exposure. They have a well-defined nose with a rounded tip, high cheekbones, and a defined jawline. They're considered short if below 5'6" and tall if above 5'11".   This description matches roughly 40% of the FirstHeart population. This does not reflect the majority appearance of humanity overall, but does reflect the largest phenotype. Within most regions of the world there are still many pockets of population who more closely resemble the classical natives of that region, and surrounding those is a gradient leading to the other centers. The described FirstHearts are more often found in cities, where all of these genetics assimilate into each other.


Men tend to be taller than women, though the height of both has increased with time. Men also tend to develop muscle mass more quickly, but after Regen was introduced to humanity the difference became nearly negligible. Aside from the presence of breasts, the visual difference between the two is nominal.

Unique Abilities

Pursuit Predator

 Humans grew up hunting on vast plains, and so evolved to hunt by following their prey until they collapsed from exhaustion.

Shutdown Dissociation


Social Creature

 Enlarged neocortex means more friends!

Projection Proficient



Brief History

Common Culture

The essence of humanity is in its sense of community.
Hierus Nomen, Aempian Philosopher
Humans in general have a higher Dunbar's number than other Sophont, but it is within FirstHearts in particular that the effects of this are most demonstrated. They are among one of the most social of all Sophonts. In any situation they are the first to form groups, affirm roles, and attempt to establish a structure by which to work. This tendency resonates through every aspect of their culture, and in particular results in strong traditions towards social activities—food culture, entertainment, group gaming, and so forth.   This selfsame property which gives FirstHearts their friendly reputation is what also leads to the traits most often seen as negative. They are quick to defend their friends and loved ones against perceived threats, and are more likely to perceive those threats in the first place. Where it's bloodlines which more often draw Verin into war and territorial instinct which drives Sazashi, humans often fall prey to "us-vs-them" mentality, and turn violent for it.


Naming Conventions

Human naming conventions are derivative of its thousands of cultures Evolution of Human Surnames



FirstHeart hail from Eden but have since proliferated across the stars. Adaption Genes and Projections have given them the tools they need to survive in Ethnis.

They average human has honey-brown skin and black or brown hair, but boast a massive phenotypical range.

Additional Info

FirstHeart do not start with any attribute bonuses. Instead, they get 2 points to spend across their Attributes as they wish as a product of their inbuilt Adaption Gene.


Pursuit PredatorWehenever you take Downtime, gain 2 hrs immunity against fatigue gained from walking
Social Creature+2 SDR while in a group
Projection ProficientProjections consume 1 less Meta to cast
Trauma ResponseIf you would suffer negatives from Sanity Loss, ignore them until Conflict ends or 5 turns pass; whichever is shorter


Ethnis Lite Sophont

Firstheart are playable in Ethnis Lite! Supporters of Ethnis see RPG info on this page!


Important highlights from this page


Genetic Descendants
Height Range
5'6" to 6'6"
170 - 200 cm
Weight Distribution(s)
Notable Traits
Increased Stamina Regen
Shutdown Dissociation


Rarest Banner
The Verin Haimarchy

Banner Prevalence

Ordered least to most

Banner Prevalence
Somnacy Prolific
Syndicate Common
Hedon Semi-Common
Federation Semi-Common
Pact Uncommon
Sorrows Rare
Haimarchy Very Rare


Common Firstheart upbringings
You are the epitome of the passionate, social creature which the rest of Ethnis perceives you to be. Perhaps it is because it's who you were told you were, or perhaps you are just driven by an excitement to see all the peoples of Ethnis and what they have to offer.
There's threat in any interaction and you're the first to spot it. How can people be so blind to the formation of coalitions against them? Or to the inevitable turn of brother against brother some day when their ideologies come to a head against each other? You see, and you are always ready.
Bottled Up

In Game

Playing a Firstheart

Playing as a Firstheart...


  Teamwork         Projectionists

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