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Hypnagogic Order of Sol

One of the seven Banners, the Banner of Eden. It is ruled over by the Somnolent, and prepares for the impending war.

The Church of the Somnolent is one of the seven Banners of Ethnis—mega-factions with high aspirations and clashing goals. It is a church-turned-government ruled over by The Somnolent and his various Orders, and is based on Eden, which was once known as Earth.

Divine Right

The Church maintains that the Creator, which speaks through the Metatron Wheel, chose the Somnolent to lead Ethnis into a new era. They claim there is only one extant Sovereign—that all others are either gone or false, and that humanity is thus the Chosen Sophont.

The Creator granted Eden and Humanity a Sovereign, and in doing so chose us as inheritors to Ethnis. The worlds are out there for us, each a fresh garden to take root in.

Inevitable War

The Church believes that a war between the Sophont is an inevitability. The abuse of Eden at the hands of alien forces through history has left it wary of ever enduring such a fate again, and so the Church has become self-sufficient and armed in caution.

Life seeks conflict. The Sophont are too different to ever fully reconcile. The Sazashi will always war, the Verin will always try to hold dominion, Humanity will always rebel.


The Church insists that fierce independence does mean sociopathy. Members of the Somnacy, Dreamers, also believe in doing the right thing. Selflessness is a major value of Dreamers, and is often confusing to outsiders, as the Somnacy belief feels geared against them even as its people are kind.

My neighbor is a Dreamer to a T. I've heard him talking to his family about 'Divine Right' and the 'Inevitable War', yet today he helped fix my pipes. It feels a bit disingenuous, but I can't complain about the craftsmanship...


  • We must reconnect with our colonies and salvage those who survived
  • We must prepare for the inevitable war—we won't get a second chance at our redemption
  • We must protect what we have—we worked hard for it, and must never again lose it to an outsider
  • We must spread the word of the Somnolent and convert those who have lost their way to false faiths


The Somnolent is the final word on all matters, the voice which can veto or demand anything. He rules from Eden, and is more often concerned with building foundations for others to work within than micromanaging every detail of society. He has two kinds of messages: Sommes, which are lessons meant to shape the people living within the scope of the Church; and Commandments, which are incontestable. Commandments are reinforced by the law of the Canonical Order, which gains its power from the Commandments in a self-feeding cycle.

Canonical Order

The Canonical Order is the order of supremacy within the Church. Anyone can become a member of the Order, but must earn their way up by fulfilling certain prerequisites. These ranks are grouped into Choirs, each with unique overarching rules and demands.
Choir Organization Roles Ranks
Earthly Choir Ordained by the Governing Choir and Self-ordered Provisions and Rites Deacon
Guiding Choir Ordained and ordered by the Governing Choir Protectors and Messengers Angel
Governing Choir Self-ordained and self-ordered Guides and Rulers Potestate
Divine Choir Ordained and ordered by the Somnolent Servants of the Sovereign Ophanim
The Canonical Order rules from Eden, providing command to all tiers of governance. Although it shares the members of its first three ranks with the Liturgical Order, it does not have the same purpose or powers.


The Somnancy treats planets, colonies, and large ships as outremer—foreign land owned by the church—and will provide a member of Clergy to Lord over it, or will give it to the member of clergy who won or made the land. This Lord is given the power to choose who will fulfill the other roles of local government—justice, economic, etc. If the outremer doesn't provide as projected by the Central Ministry, or if enough complaints are lodged, an inquisitorial squad will be dispatched to investigate.


Laws are set by commandment and adjusted by local Lords. The Canonical Order, as the writers of justice, command the Order of Peace—a mixture of trained and contracted peacekeepers of various scales of responsibility and jurisdiction.

Order of Peace

Also known as Dream Guardians or Guardians of Dreams, they oversee local law, and focus on keeping the peace rather than on prosecution, though are capable of the latter.

They are trained on how to deal with violence and how to serve as Aurics, banishing corrupting meta contaminates the dreamspace.
Justicars are mobile units called to location to more closely investigate dangerous matters such as gangs or terrorists. They operate akin to Church-sponsored bounty hunters.

Threats are severely punished by incarceration, suppressive violence, or caged in a Damnation Crucible prison.
Often regarded as a subset of the Justicars, Inquisitors are ordained by the highest members of both the Canonical and Liturgical orders.

They are elite, dangerous, and have the power to operate outside of the bounds of many laws. Their lowest rank is of Angels, and their highest report directly to the Somnolent.
Justicar and Bounty hunters are periodically checked via Dream Injection to ensure their honesty. If they have abused their power they are sent to The Crucible.


Criminals caught for heinous crimes are subject to Dream Injection to check their subconscious for evidence of guilt or innocence.



Somnolent Strategy takes into account its large numbers and overwhelming resource. Rather than keeping a contiguous area of control, influence, and supply lines, the Somnacy will send massive amounts of soldiers and resources to a world and will entrench itself upon it. Once fortified, these worlds are incredibly hard to take back, and from them the Somnacy can lock down trade paths, supply routes, and battle lines. The Somnacy usually targets material rich worlds, or worlds with many WayPoints nearby. These worlds are referred to colloquially as ‘Trench Worlds’.

Overwhelming Force

On top of having control of many resource-rich worlds, the Somnacy puts much of its resource into its war machine, and puts great stead in its Angels. When it attacks it does so with more force than needed, and with great show. These attacks are often then recorded and posted to enemy internet as propaganda.

Chivalrous Doctrine

The Somnacy may attack often, but does not do so unthinkingly or without mercy. It abides by certain rules regarding its treatment of enemy citizens. Before it attacks any place, it musters an overwhelming force, attacks a few key points of the enemy, and broadcasts propaganda to the population, announcing that they have a window of time to vacate, surrender, and change sides, otherwise when the invasion comes they will be treated as enemy combatants. Citizens who surrender are liable to be Dream Injected and, if found trustworthy, will be converted to Residents Aliens.


The Somnacy has several which shape their approach to conflict. Within the theater of battle they are extremely versatile.

Home System

Via Lactea is replete with resources and space. This gave them an edge during the Lacuna. They were grew across all the habitable worlds of their system—this gave them the most starting worlds at the end of the Lacuna and an extremely powerful basis of operation.


Humans in the military bring with them Projections. Projections are given weak weapons so that the fighter can continually summon projections, arm them, send them to their death, and then generate more projections to repeat the cycle. This allows humanity to wear down most ground measures, and even results in a lot of ship-to-ship trickery where humans will launch small pods full of projections into the hulls of their enemies. The Somnacy has also developed projection bombs which can flood an area with a platoon of projections in an instant.


The Somnacy fields a mixture of Mecha and Meta technology. Mecha is close to Humanity thanks to a history without Meta, and the advent of Humanity's Meta capabilities gave them a unique utility for Meta tech. Both of these tech types take advantage of the Somnolent's resources—large reserves of gems and metals free them from reliance on trade to fuel their war machine. Orga is looked down upon because it is the favored tech of many of their enemies and is deemed sacrilegious as the Somnacy opposes the creation of new intelligent life.

Ion Curtain

The Ion Curtain, named for the auroric effects of its edge, is a physical and ideological asset. Holds of humanity, such as Eden or fortresses, are protected by an ethereal barrier of projections-turned-shield which, when primed, makes the projections combative and conduits for auric-immolation attacks. This curtain acts as a first and last line of defense.


The Somnacy is the most isolationist economy of all Banners. This is a double-edged sword which frees them from external economic pressure yet weakens their foothold of using trade as leverage. What little trade they do run is subject to heavy tariffs. Trade routes often only happen out of necessity instead of profit. The upside to the the cost is that all trade routes with them are protected by their war ships, and so suffer the least from Waysair plundering. The majority of industry is owned in some form by the Church itself, whether outright or by appointed guidance. This is to ensure that companies do not work outside regulations and that foreign influence is kept to a minimum, especially in external-facing corporations.


The Somnacy is a resource powerhouse. Eden is a world rich in gems, used in Meta technology, and metals and silicates, used in Mecha technology. This feeds their war machine, allowing to take even more resource-rich worlds.  


What little resources they can not produce themselves the Somnacy imports from Federation and sometimes the Syndicate and Pact. It exports raw resource and lends skilled Casters, whose ability to generate cheap and easy Projection labor makes them an effective workforce for new colonies and trade hubs.  

Living Conditions


Hubworlders, even inhumans, live comfortable within the net of universal basic income. They live in self-sufficient pod-blocks of ~1000 citizens at a time, in cozy homes around a large central park. Public gardens and entertainment are supplied, and events are held often to encourage a sense of community


Colonists live in rougher conditions than Hubworlders, but they love it. The role offers them autonomy, the chance to stake out on their own and define who they are, and to contribute back to the Church. Colonists are robust, stoic folk, who see adversity as a sign that they are doing something right.



Faith is a natural part of living in the Somnacy. Even those who don't believe in the teachings and power of the Somnolent (a mute minority) are immersed in its values and tend to partake in the Sommes and attend Mass.


Sommes are enchanted books read before sleep (often as a family) and kept bedside. While you slumber they impart vivid dreams relevant to the topic of the reading, each dreaming has a lesson tailored by your memories and perceptions to fit your life.


Mass is held by a Priest. This is often in a Church, but many are held in open air "in the direct sight of the Creator". No space is more sacred than another, so long as that space is full of life and the prayers of the speakers are true.


Faith in the Somnacy lends itself to alternative beliefs towards common concepts, Dreamers believe that:
  • The Wheel is the Metatron
  • The Wheel "speaks" for the Creator by ordaining the Sovereign
  • Monoliths, Angels, are those who have a touch of divinity from the clarity of their mind
  • Miracles exist, but have been replicated by science and metaphysics by those who would play god—a Sin
Seal of the Church
Crest of the Church by Ademal

The vertical belt represents Via Lactea, the home of humanity, and the four smaller stars spanning between the crown and the foot of Via Lactea represent Mercury, Mars, Earth, and Venus, the four worlds originally owned by the Church of the Somnolent.

The central star represents Sol, and on either side is the symbol of the Somnolent's eye. The entire crest in silhouette implies the shape of The Wheel, with the sun at the center and the 4 spokes marked by the irises of the Somnolent.

Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Somnacy
Parent Organization
Related Professions


Before the founding of the Church, the history of its home was a tumultuous one. Wars, plagues, and climate change resulted in a societal collapse exacerbated by the arrival of the Sazashi, and a war with the alien forces ended with them as a protectorate of an inhuman power.

The Opening of the Eye

Don't believe the accounts of the Haimarchy. They weren't the first to find the Index, we were.

— The Somnolent

The Reclamation of the Mar'rianiyan Territories, is not spoken of much today but was a major event at its time.

Groups of many nations braved the corrupted landscape to drive back the Selschaeus, and hunt for the ruins of the legendary Tower Palace, which was said to have many great treasures and be the source of the corruption causing a climate crisis.

Among them was the BleakHeart who would later become the Somnolent. What event pushed him over the threshold is uncertain, but he claims to have been the first to find the Tower Spoke to Anchaemo Index before a Haimarchy group stole it from him and returned to their home with it.


Lynchpin of an Era

The Haimarchy, recognizing what it had awakened within the Somnolent before he did, saw this as prophetic to the beginning of a new Era. With their new Index they expanded, triggering the ValuSelu Pact to form and leave their protectorate of Earth to its own devices.

In the power vacuum left behind, the words of the Somnolent echoed. Earth, now Eden, was looking for something to rely on, some source of hope and inspiration in these changing times, and this new figure with his grand powers and miracles become one they could rally behind.

The Church grew, welcomed by the masses.

The Somnolent came, speaking with a fire that spread among Eden and woke the sleeping giant within it. The Wheel—the Metatron, voice of God—chose him as the Human Sovereign. He was granted Astral Magic and shared it with the rest of humanity.

— Somnacy Priest


During the Expansion the Somnacy had access to assets the others did not. Unlike the Haimarchy, they had raw headcount and land resource; and unlike the Pact, they had strong internal cohesion.

Their growth was meteoric. Projections made colonial landing squads forces of natures—the work of many for a fraction of the cost.


The Lacuna was difficult for everyone, but our colonies prospered because they were well provided for.

The resources given the colonies proved to be a boon for many of the Somnacy colonies, and so many of them were able to take root and survive even to modern day. The people Via Lactea still suffered greatly at the hands of the Lacuna, but rather than despairing they celebrated the closure of the WayHall and grew within their own system.

The WayHall will someday open once more, and we shall be prepared.

— The Somnolent


The Somnacy began the Lacuna as one of the weakest Banners, and have come out the other end as one of the strongest. This has lead some to believe that they may have been behind the WayHall closing in the first place.

Since the WayHalls have opened their modus operandi has been to disturb the balance of the other banners, secure high-resource worlds, and reconnect with their old colonies. They operate from Eden, and have massive colonies on nearly every terrestrial body in their solar system.

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A Sazashi-exclusive Tribe within the Church of the Somnolent, derived from Dreamers, which is characterized by its denial of common Sazashi customs in favor of accepting a Dreamer-oriented lifestyle.

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