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The High Crucible

Written by Ademal

The High Crucible is the stuff of nightmares in the truest sense. It is a psychic prison, a Damnation Crucible formed of the collective nightmares and insanities of all those who have ever been contained within its walls. It is on Eden. It also powers the Ion Curtain of Eden.
It is hell. You cannot convince me otherwise. It was made by our Sovereign, the Somnolent to contain those who do evil. It is infinite punishment.   It is hell.
— A Dreamer

A Prison

The High Crucible was the first Damnation Crucible made by the Somnolent. While he is generally a fair and benign being, he view punishment as a natural right of law, and considers the Crucible to be a physically humane way to punish those who do misdeeds.  
Punishment in the Crucible is punishment by your own guilt. You are crushed under the weight of your own impurity.
— An Angel

A Shield

The High Crucible is connected to the Ionic Shield surrounding Eden. When activated, the Shield becomes a ghostwall, interrupting all meta and electronics which pass through it. The most insidious effect, however, is that any mind which passes through it is subjected to the full psychic brunt of the Crucible. The Ionic Shield of Eden is so potent that entire fleets have been turned away or pulled from orbit by the maddening force of the shield.  

A Weapon?

Never make the mistake of thinking that just because we hear how awful the Crucible is, that it doesn't mean that there is worse.
— A Dreamer
  There is a prevailing myth about the crucible that it is used to create broken-spirited beings who will do anything commanded of them. These monstrous minds, deemed imps or devils, are said to have broken, corrupted souls and powerful meta, and serve the Somnolent for clandestine operations.


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