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Palace of the Somnolent

Written by Ademal

The Palace of the Somnolent is a mountain-turned-palace of the Somnolent. In times of dire need or attack, the Somnolent has proven himself capable of animating the entire mountain into a Golem for war.


Using just his Projections and Meta, the Somnolent built the entire palace on his own. He carved halls and channels through the stone, then had other Psiolic, architects, and engineers help rig up machinery and other features.   On the outside the palace is shaped like a figure sitting with their legs crossed. A halo of of floating stones orbits the head and waterfalls pour from the eyes.   The Palace is extremely well furnished on the inside, and manned almost exclusively by the Somnolent's projections. Many of his more loyal Angels are invited to have a room within the Palace—few live there regularly, but the intention of the gesture is clear.  

A Weapon

Haimarchy Leviathan descended from the heavens. Those few which had not been driven to madness by the Ion Curtain fell upon the Palace in rage, bringing with them storms and earthquakes and platoons of powerful Psiolic some hundreds of years in age and ten times as much in number.   A host of Angels awaited them, but that is not what made them balk.   The eyes of the Palace had opened, and burned with a great white fire. The sitting figure rose with an earth-shaking motion, floating up into the air. The halo around its head glowed as thousands of projections—the projections of the Somnolent—circled its crown.   "Eden is home of humanity and no other," spoke the statue. The punishment for this transgression is death.


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Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 6

Write about a constructed or natural landmark in your world.

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