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Meta Technology

Psio harvests and harnesses the supernatural forces of the Soul to achieve its goals. While it does abide by an internal logic, its rules seem esoteric compared to the grounded natures of the other Clades.

Psio still uses physical materials as its medium—predominantly gemstones, which are good at storing Meta, and wiring, which is good at conducting it. Psiya Imbues these mediums with elemental effects in a form of automation, albeit a slower than Mecha or Orga.

Psiolic—those who study Meta—distrust any description of Psio as magic: Meta can be studied, quantified, and controlled, and anyone can do it. How is it magic?

Psio is powered by the spirit. Abundant and powerful of Psio tech requires an abundant and powerful spirits to maintain. Monoliths, as the only source of meta, are essential to Psio infrastructure.

Children Technologies
Grimoire by Lorsynth and Ademal


Soluma are interfaces between organics (or mechanics) and the metaphysical tech. They use ironClad.


Eidolon are essentially Echoes programmed for a task. Many work as helpers to their owners, and can either be implanted in a Golem or combined with a Soluma for implantation into an Orga or Mecha host.


Golems are Eidolon given physical form for their work—either via direct implantation into a meta tech host or through using a Soluma layer.


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