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Written by Ademal

Psiolic are professional casters whose capabilities reach beyond the standard caster's grasp of the Meta. Most achieve this title through a mix of academia and personal experimentation.

Ancient Power

Command over the elements. It's a power that speaks for itself. The mantle of Psiolic is an ancient and storied profession, and is so expansive so as to be an umbrella over hundreds more professions within.

Ethnis Lite


While the meta can be as much a broad-scale tool as one of surgical precision, its greatest power is demonstrated in the hands of a creative Psiolic.   Psiolic players should enjoy using their powers in new and interesting ways to solve problems, and should have a good mind for all the tools already in their arsenal.


Psiolic Mantle Icon

With a mind for the metaphysical, magic potential flows from your body, bending your enemies and obstacles to your will. You are the Psiolic, and meta is your weapon.


  • + to using meta spells.
  • + to detecting meta anomalies

Battery[Passive]: Your Meta capacitance is raised by 2[X]
Power Amp[Activated]: Whenever you are declaring a meta Cast, you may activate this Ability to have your next meta Cast gain +2 levels.
Conductive[Activated]: At any time you may activate this ability to regenerate 2[X] meta.
Psiolic Mantle Icon


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