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Written by Ademal

Leviathan are golems created by organic, mechanical, and metaphysical means—a marriage of all three Tech Clades. The range from a couple meters in height to a kilometer in length.

To pilot a leviathan properly, you must never address it directly.

Make no appeals to it. Do not say "you" or any other pronoun or title. Do not acknowledge it directly in any way. Address your query internally, tell yourself to do what you want it to do. Forget that it exists as an object apart from yourself. You are not inhabiting a leviathan, you are becoming one.

The Haimarchy might not be the fastest to arrive on the scene, but when they do, you can't their style.



Leviathans are made from the join efforts of engineer, orgneers, psiolic, and shapeshifters colluding to, over the course of months or years, transform the shapeshifter into a gargantuan creature which can hold inside of itself an entire crew of up up to hundreds or thousands. The are frequently used in the field of battle, and are on of the Haimarchy's hardest-hitting units.

Most are constructed to be omniphibious—able to swim, dig, run, fly, and transverse into space.


The sky crackled with energy as the massive feathered serpent descended, dreamlike, through the atmosphere. Even though it was still so far from us that the haze made it look unreal, its very presence charged the air with static and kicked up a wind. Metal and gemstone scales arced with electricity, drawing storm clouds around its slithering form.

I looked back at the platoon behind me, decided there wasn't a chance in hell, and took advantage of the confusion to edge away from the rest before making a break for the treeline.

As I ran, the ground began to tremble, and I knew the levithan's arrival marked the end of days for this little moon.


In Terraformation

Levithan can produce Terraformation Storms and can settle into a land to help support people living within. In particular, this method is popular with Luea, who chain together multiple Leviathan overtime to build living organic cities beneath the sea.


Verin Name
Vadakenda (Beast King)
The ocean boiled like a cauldron despite the frigidity of the waters. Massive, muscular tentacles wrapped around the aircraft carrier, criss crossing the deck and tearing up the runway.   Guns fired, shooting munitions at the manta-shaped figures launching from the sea, landing on the deck, and blasting out neurotoxic spikes and explosive spores. They were ineffective, unable to respond to the sheer amount of oncoming attacks...


Leviathan often come with a complement of:
2-5 Divinorium
50-100 Psiolic (Mantle)
5-10 Monoliths


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 27

Describe the functions of a vehicle used for military practices or conflicts.

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