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The Hub

The hub is the broad term encompassing all of the core worlds of the Banners and the worlds and WayPoints which interlink them. Allies and enemies as the banners may be, they still engage often in trades and treaties, and so share a lot of the same spaces and peoples back and forth. This turns the sum of the Banners into a massive network   Major Worlds:   Jhoutai as the seat of The ValuSelu Pact   Eden as the seat of The Church of The Somnolent   Victoriana as the seat of The Jupiter Syndicate   Perduro, Nouvelle Planète Bordeaux, and Distra as the various seats of The Federation of Free Planets.   (more to come)


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    A representative map of The Hub—the major settled worlds and their routes to each other, marked by time to travel through their WayPoints.
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