The ValuSelu Pact

Written by Barron and Ademal Jacklyn
In the Pact, there is a place made for everyone and everyone should be in their place.


The ValuSelu Pact is an accord between the Sazashi Nations of Jhoutai. After ages of infighting over every conceivable thing, the Sazashi banded together to raise their hackles against the rise of the other Banners. This Pact, while necessary to protect Sazashi Independence, is often uneasy.  

Core Philosophy

The driving factor behind the Pacts ideology is biological. Sazashi have Akjhe, their word for the biological programming the Verin encoded into them. The Sazashi embrace Akjhe as the core of their strength. Ka labor, Parisan protect, Aen perfect, and so forth. There is room for all other Sophont in the Pact, but all others feel out of place without the Sazashi's core drive that makes their society work.  


Pre-Banner History - Born in Blood
The Sazashi were engineered for servitude and survival by the Verin several millennia ago. The Verin needed a race with the adaptability to survive on the harsh mainland of Jhoutai. The Verin garnered subservience by engineering Akhje into the Sazashi; giving each sub-race a physiological reward for serving their programmed purpose. One by one, the sub-races of Sazashi were created and shipped to the mainland to fend for themselves. Survival came within months, thriving colonies boomed within years. A revolution brewed within the Sazashi, their Akhje did not smother their drive for independence. So they lashed out and beat the Verin away from the mainland, claiming it for themselves in the Sazashi Revolution.   The bloody conflict left them independent, but it did not unify the genetically different Sazashi. Many sub-races split off to claim their own lands, carving borders and erecting governments that served their Akhje. Millennia of internal conflict followed the Sazashi wherever they traveled, each sub-race had its version of a perfect world. The two most powerful nations, Aempis of the Aen and Valuser'rh of the Sheljt-Rajh vied for domination of Jhoutai until they tossed aside their differences in the face of a greater threat.


The Church of The Somnolent, the Apple of Hedonism, and the Jupiter Syndicate had sprung up as universal super-powers. Leaders of the Sazashi nations realized that they stood to lose if they did not band together. King Clasnithra of Aempis and Grandmaster Setejnius of Valuser'rh set forth to bring together the nations of the Sazashi under a single Banner. With all the leaders of the Sazashi nations in attendance, the final ValuSelu Pact was ratified and the Banner of the same name was formed.  
We are all entering an era where we can no longer stand as Sheljt-Rajh or Aen, Parisan or Ka. If we are to maintain our countless years of pride and tradition, we must all stand as Sazashi! Where our Akhje used to tear us asunder, it will now band us together so no opponent may ever trample us again!
King Clasnithra of Aempis speaking after the ratification of the ValuSelu Pact


With the unification of nations came the need to find a new political target. The Pact needed a goal to keep them together, lest they fall back into squabbling and skirmishing. The leaders of the nations came together to find a solution. They left the room with the idea of "Sazakjhe." This doctrine held that the Sazashi's natural ability to survive justified spreading their people to the stars and claiming as many planets as possible. They entered an age of space travel unlike any before. Colony Ships were constructed by the dozens and sent to any planet that the Sazashi could reasonably survive on. This Doctrine gave the Sazashi a purpose to focus on and established the foundation of colonies being handled by individual nations instead of the Banner itself.  


When the Wayhalls shut, Jhoutai was left stranded without it’s colonies. Nations which had once allied to fend against the universe as a whole were left to fend against each other. Infighting became commonplace and skirmishes for what little land remained almost tore the entire ValuSelu Pact apart.     Many Sazashi placed blame on the other Banners for the disaster, and turned their anger to the non-Sazashi in their midst. Millions of Verin and Humans were forced from the cities to live in closely-guarded towns dubbed (insert Saza name). These towns were notorious for high-crime, and were only dissolved a decade after the Wayhalls reopened. The era of injustice against non-Sazashi is referred to as the (insert Saza Name) and is still whispered by other Banners when dealing with the Pact.


The Sazashi burst through the wayhalls the month they returned to life, eager to reclaim and reorganize their holdings. Infighting between the nations ceased and reclamation of lost planets began. Many Pact colonies survived the Lacuna, the Sazashi were engineered to survive, after all. The Pact claims any planet still livable, establishing a nation as its government and sending Colony ships to regrow their numbers. Every planet adds to the defense, and to the Pact’s power.


The fact of the matter is I'm really good at making beer. I'm a Parisan, it's what I do. My Aen friend over there, he's really good at running the treasury. He does what he does best, and I do what I do best. That's why the Pact works.

Politics of Jhoutai

The Pact's homeworld of Jhoutai may be united under one Banner, but underneath that Banner lay the countries that have held consistent for millennia. Each country holds its own laws and traditions but contributes to the same Banner-wide military, treasury, and government. This independence and cooperation highlight both the Sazashi's inherent strengths and weaknesses.   Some countries boast economies that can fuel the entire planet; others have armies able to defend against any conceivable foe. The ValuSelu Pact brings these nations together, letting all shine brighter under a unified cause, "Glory and Gold for All"  
Nations of the ValuSelu Pact
The country of the Aen.
Tel Nege
The country of the Ral-Mi and @Hiserabi
The Country of the Khirmagne.
The Country of the Nasyk
The Country of the Sheljt-Rajh.
The Country of the Parisan.
The country of the Ka.


ValuSelu Moot

Because the Pact is more a unification of nations than a single entity, it is run by a council of leaders. The ValuSelu Moot, as it is called, convenes to discuss pressing matters to the Banner as well as determine issues of National importance. Issues such as Banner-wide policy, high-level trials, and colony ownership are all decided within this group of leaders.

Interplanetary Government

The clout and jurisdiction of Jhoutai's nations stretch far beyond their home and into the stars. Instead of planets being held by the Pact, they are instead granted to the nations. The nation's laws and customs extend to their colonies, and the nation is responsible for the development and care of their holdings. Once claimed by a nation, a colony cannot be abandoned except under extraneous circumstances (Revolt, Collapse, Espionage, Etc.) National protection affords the colonies patriotism and confidence, while exclusive ownership gives nations a reason to remain loyal to their holdings.  
It matters not how far I travel in this universe, I always feel the warmth of the ValuSelu Pact on my back.


Civil Rights

Right to Life

Physical Harm
Universal. Protects bodies from manipulation or damage outside of consent and self-defense.
Psychological Harm
Universal. Individuals are protected from being mentally harmed or altered by others.
Auric Harm
Provisional. Souls can be weakened or dispelled in sensitive areas such as government buildings.

Right to Property

Search and Seizure
Not Protected. Searches do not need a warrant, and can occur on suspicion rather than evidence.
Land Ownership
Universal. Non-Sazashi may find themselves at a disadvantage against Sazashi land-owners.
Right to Assets
Revocable. In situations of criminal activity or no rightful heirs, the government will claim assets.

Right to Identity

Right to Body
Universal. Nations reserve the right to decline certain modifications that may endanger others.
Right to Speech
Limited. Speech can be limited during emergency. Threatening Speech can be prosecuted. There is not right to anonymity.
Right to Career
Not Protected. All Sophont are expected to work in a career their species can specialize in.

Right to Death

Right to Mortality
Universal. Provides the right to die from natural causes. Only high ranking military personnel can have this right revoked.
Right to Suicide
Not Protected. Suicide is illegal and attempting suicide can lead to criminal charges.
Right to Afterlife
Universal. Protects souls being prevented from moving onto the afterlife except with consent.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement in the Pact is a variable affair. Each Nation reserves the rights to determine how crime and punishment are handled. There are very few cases of criminal activity that would be handled by the ValuSelu Pact as a whole. Crimes are in general taken seriously in the Pact, and while local police agencies will handle most situations, it is not uncommon for the military to involve itself in legal affairs or even double as the law enforcement.      

Military Police

The ValuSelu Military Police are military personnel specifically trained to enforce a Nation's laws. In many colonies, Military Police will completely replace any Law Enforcement entities. These Military Police are also the ones in charge of tracking down those who flee. The Military Police are not shy of chasing felons into other Banners territory, even if it sparks diplomatic tensions.  
Good thing about the Military Police, they can react to anything that happens. The problem is they react to everything the same way. Beat them first, as questions later.


ValuSelu holds the title of the largest army in the world, thanks to its history steeped in conflict, and their culture which rewards those who serve. They also have their Akjhe which boosts their logistics and effectiveness. From conscripts to officers, everyone knows who does what in the Pact military.  


The Sazashi nations each hold their own honor guard and military, specialized in their subraces purpose. For example, the Aen honor guard consists of brilliant tacticians, while the Sheljt-Rajh have elite meta-warriors. Each national military is able to operate in tandem with the others at the beckon of the ValuSelu Pact.   Each colony is treated as an extension of its owning nation, this includes militarily. All planets are of the same importance of the home world, and all planets are required to have a standing army comparable in organization as their parent nation.  



The Pact is evenly distributed among the three tiers of The Tech Clades. Hybridization of technology is common, and armaments are specially designed to fit the Sazashi using them. Their technology can range from small arms all the way up to super mechanisms of any technology type.  

Prized Units

While many other Banners will have singular entities as prized units, the Pact has specialized units from each Nation. These legendary military units can range from tens to thousands and differ depending on the Nation and Sazashi who operate the unit.


The Pact’s Economy draws its strength from the sheer amount of land it holds, the efficiency of its workforce, and the amount of history in their processes. With every species in their proper place, the Pact operates at a blistering pace compared to other Banners and holds a significant share of most economic trades. The ValuSelu Pact does often step on the rights of its workforce, as those placed in a position are often stuck in their place lest they face cultural and economic backlash. Most never have a problem with this, but those without Akjhe can often find themselves in limited economic power.


Refined goods, technology, luxury goods, and raw materials are all primary exports of the ValuSelu Pact. They have the power and resources to internalize most of their economy with little foreign import. This in part leads to the ValuSelu’s wealth, as trade between Sazashi Nations is a lax ordeal with little to no tariff or tax.


Individual nations will often specialize in the production of their own primary goods, exporting them under non-competition agreements with the other Nations. Because of these internal agreements, each Nation holds its own piece in the puzzle that makes the ValuSelu trade economy. Trade with other Banners is prone to heavy scrutiny and regulation, often making it a tough Banner to export to. Nations can ask the Moot to make trade exceptions on certain routes, a common move when establishing a new colony.


To the Pact, you are seen more as your species, instead of yourself.


The Care of Children
Akhje plays a large role in how a nation treats and raises its young. While the parents are the final say, many national identities include a unique way for bearing and raising children.

  • Aempis, home of the Aen, takes a common care role. The Aen hold little value to lineage, so children are often raised together and away from the original parents. While Aen are educated about their family, close family relationships often do not form.
  • Valdutan, home of the Parisan, hold a culture more akin to the Verin, where lineage is crucial. Children of the same lineage are raised by the entirety of the family, instead of just the parents.
  • Tel'Nege, home of the Ral-Mi, value their 'pack.' Parents care for their children, as they become part of their pack. Their Akhje is geared for Parenthood, and they often have the most children as a result.
  • Faur'ridar'ru, home of the Nasyk, has no ties to family. Nasyk who are born often grow up in 'pods' with other children. They are often left to fend and learn for themselves. Many grow up not even knowing the names of their parents.



A Sazashi's Akhje is their primary drive in life, a purpose programmed into them. If they fulfill their purpose, they feel pleased. This Akjhe feeds into every aspect of a Sazashi's life. Traditions, professions, goals, desires, distastes, all of them will be influenced by a Sazashi's base drive. For example, an Aen in the Pact will be expected to take on a role that will satisfy their Akhje to learn and experiment. An Aen in a construction role would be frowned upon, as others will be confused why the job was not given to a more physically adept Sazashi.   Akhje's relevance in Pact culture leaves other sophonts in awkward waters. They do not have this Akhje, and so while they are accepted into the fold of the Pact, the Sazashi will never be able to determine exactly what their purpose is. Only the most decorated of Humans and Verin are shown the same respect as a Sazashi in the same position.
Many outside of the Pact would be quick to denounce our Akhje as an oppressive element of our being. I refute that, as I know all people seek to find their reasons for existing. I wake up in the morning, and I know exactly what I want to do. I sleep soundly, never fearing the path I am taking as false.   The Verin and Humans can spend decades or even centuries trying to find their purpose, the Sazashi are born it.


The Sazashi Sovereign is Euphraesthi, who has not been seen since they revolted against the Verin and took Jhoutai as their own 6000 years ago. They believe she still exists because Jhoutai has magic, and without a Sovereign there is no magic.

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ValuSelu Pact Information

Head of Faction

Council of National Leaders


Sophont Diversity
Human 8%
Sazashi 82%
Verin 7%
Other 3%
Universal BDP
WIP% of Universal Product  
Military Spending
WIP% of Entire BDP  
Primary Languages
Saza 84%
Aeai 7%
Other 9%


Survival is the first step to success.
Never be complacent, always find ways to push your Akhje further.
Ensure everyone has their purpose, as perfection requires unity.


Common Pact upbringings


You operate with a team of fellow Pact members. Each of your are a cog in your the machine that is your team. You are well aware of your weaknesses and your strengths, and you can figure the same for people you come across. You may find yourself uncomfortable when operating alone as that is when your weaknesses have no cover.


You fling yourself to the universe at large, seeking to satisfy your Akhje away from the comforts of your own territories. You find yourself more comfortable when operating alone, as you can try to fit into situations not typical of a Cog and learn from it. You seeking out this outside knowledge to better yourself and the Pact as a whole.

Honor Bound

Sazashi Only You are of the Pacts finest. You represent your Nations ideals to the T, and have been doing so for so long that you have become the epitome of what your race can bring to the Pacts Table. You are flaunted as such, and are expected to operate at the higher standard. Many of your peers may look up to you, but beware the risks of being so prominent.

Faction Relationships

The Apple of Hedonism
Your pursuit of pleasure leaves you in an interesting predicament. It leaves everyone to find their purpose and determine how to best use it. Yet at the same time, there is no cohesion. There is no drive but sensation, no order but consent. We appreciate what your means, but find your ends lacking and dangerous.
The Jupiter Syndicate
We have a history with humanity, plagued with death and triumph alike. You represents the triumphs that humanity has acheived. You have order to merits, an Akhje not programmed, but reinforced through regulation. We respect you and the version of Humanity you represent.
The Church of The Somnolent
While the Syndicate represents the triumph, you represent the death and pain between our nations. You choose not to let old wounds heal, you see the darkness in us and we see the darkness in you. You target us and the rest of the universe alike, and you may find yourself quickly outnumbered.
The Verin Haimarchy
You are the reason we exist, the reason we have succeeded. You created us for the wrong purposes, and you aknowledge your mistake. You have learned from them. While we can not forgive you, we can at least tolerate you for the time being.
The Federation of Free Planets
Many of our brothers have chosen to side with you for their own reasons. We can not blame them, nor can we blame you. You bring about the change that people feel that they want. You let your people define their own Akhje, instead of forcing them.
House of Sorrows
You seek to stifle people, meld them into one purpose. You do not care for Akhje, you do not care for cooperation. You only seek domination. You are a threat to people who wish to serve their purpose on their own terms. We will not tolerate you.

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