Sunmetal Mines

Written by Ademal

The Sunmetal Mines are the mines located on the asteroids of the Rings of Jhoutai encircling Jhoutai. They are a rich source of Sunmetal, though are not mined as frequently in modern times.

A Violent Resource

Sunmetal went for a premium on Jhoutai for years following its discovery. It was the basis of wars and takeovers, and the reason why Valuser'rh was so powerful as it was used for the construction of airships.   When the people of Jhoutai realized that the Rings were the source of the sunmetal, there was a sudden and great race to get up there and begin harvesting it. The Haimarchy was one of the first to manage it, shortly followed by Aempis.   It was this acquisition which forever destabilized the Valuser'ran power base once and for all, ensuring that they no longer held a monopoly over aerial combat. Even still, combat over rich asteroids became a common theme, and for a time was one of the bloodiest features of war on Jhoutai.   In modern times Sunmetal is synthesized.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 3

Describe a settlement that is famous (or infamous) for its industrial activities.

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