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Khirmagne are a Kind of Sazashi. They were originally designed by The Ancient Verin Haimarchy for the purpose of surviving unsettled lands, determining their threats, and providing information on how to survive the harsh wilds of Jhoutai.

Basic Information


Natural Armor

Khirmagne have a thick pelt and hide to protect them from the elements, as well as thickly-padded feet and hands which allow them to walk barefoot on sharp rocks and climb cliff-faces of sharp rocks without damaging their hands. This was designed to help them survive the treacherous razor cliffs of Khathoum, which was where the Haimarchy originally sent them.  

Iron Stomach

Khirmagne can withstand a great amount of trauma to their stomach in terms of bad or poisonous foods. What they cannot process tends to be processed out by their kidneys and liver, which are capable of mild regeneration over time and so suffer no long-term effects. Of course, just because they can survive an effect doesn't mean it's pleasant--Khirmagne can still get quite sick from ingesting too much dangerous matter, and caustic materials still do damage to their insides.   In the event of major negative health effects, a Khirmagne's body may trigger a purge. That is as unpleasant as it sounds.   A bite from a Khirmagne can be extremely infectious. Blood transfusions from a Khirmagne are not recommended.  


While most Sazashi have lost the quills of their Sazakraht ancestors, Khirmagne retain them. Along the Khirmagne's jaws, on either side, is a pair of quills which can detect seismic activity, barometric shifts, and changes in pressure.  

Increased Hearing

As they still have their quills, they also have some of the Sazakraht jaw structure. This allows them to pick up on soft sounds within several meters of themselves so long as they have their mouth open and aren't talking or eating. While this isn't the telescoping hearing of their ancestors, it can be very helpful for hunting the source of ultrasonic vibrations or muffled sounds—such as tracking electronics or vermin in walls. Sazakraht use this ability to find underground warrens.   An unintended side effect of this applicable to modern times is that it's very difficult to do surveillance near a Khirmagne as they can pick up on the sounds bugs usually emit on a sonic register.  


Khirmagne have some of the nastier claws among Sazashi. They are slightly hooked, with sawtooth barbs running along the edge. They create brutal wounds which are difficult to triage and heal.

Tame the dangerous
— Khirmagne Akjhe


Genetic Ancestor(s)
Common Demeanors Gruff • Wild • Macho • Stoic • Crude • Grave
Due to the Khirmagne ability to consume things which would sicken or kill most other Sophont, consuming Khirmagne cuisine is ill-advised.   It does, however, make a potent way to ruin someone's day in a pinch.


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