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The Chea are one of the original three tribes of Verin. They take more than a little pride in their rough and rebellious reputations. A sturdy physiology makes them more than a little fit to survive most situations.

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Physical Traits

8:42 AM] Ademal | Gino [MRP]: Chea have eyes well adapted to their original homelands in the deserts and plains. Their corneas have melanophores which make their corneas somewhat reflective in intense light, working like sunglasses so that they can walk the white sands. When night falls, their pupils open super wide, exposing a secondary set of rods and cones with infrared chromacy.   [8:42 AM] Ademal | Gino [MRP]: So if you wanted to adjust your tetrachromacy trait to have ultraviolet...   [8:42 AM] Ademal | Gino [MRP]: But remember, the infrared only works in the dark when your pupils open wide   [8:42 AM] Ademal | Gino [MRP]: It will not work in low lighting and above.   [8:43 AM] Ademal | Gino [MRP]: Ancient chea hunters would use it to hunt in the deserts at night. They'd look at the sand for warm spots and jam their spears down into the sand   [8:44 AM] Dream | Zeni [SVI]: So basically, I naturally have infrared vision but it only works in absolute darkness.   [8:44 AM] Ademal | Gino [MRP]: Has to be night dark basically   [8:44 AM] Ademal | Gino [MRP]: Doesn't have to be pitch black   [8:44 AM] Ademal | Gino [MRP]: I'm also going to give you both hot and cold resistance   [8:45 AM] Ademal | Gino [MRP]: because they can wander the deserts and the corralums, and the deserts get extremely hot and the corralums extremely cold   [8:45 AM] Dream | Zeni [SVI]: Awesome. :smiley:

Basic Information


Chea tend towards robust, endomorphic bodies with some mesomorphic variety and almost no ectomorphics.   They have muscular, sinuous builds with dense bones and flesh like hide. Their lower canines are as pronounced as their uppers. Their hair is typically jet, raven, onyx or obsidian in lustre, but it is not too uncommon to find the occasional blue-black. Their eyes seem capable of most major combinations of red and blue, though red is the most prevalent.   The body beneath their slate skin is as unique and as rugged as the exterior, as they have large hearts to keep their thick blood pumping. They also have dense, difficult to break bones.

Ecology and Habitats

Chea harken back to plains and deserts of their homeland on Jhoutai, a fact which shows in their dark, thick skin.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Chea is a language spoken almost at a rumble, each word flowing into the next like a rockslide in slow motion.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Verin Chea

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