The Parisan are a shining example of tradition and solidarity in a universe of constant change and adaptation. These Sazashi hold firm to the idea that a solid defense can trump any offense.   They are honor-bound to their heritage, knightly in appearance and in ideology.   The Parisan have maintained many traditions since the first Parisan settled Valdutan; shield-based martial arts, strong emphasis on family, and the constant desire to defend what they love. They often have a reputation of being fantastic warriors and staunch traditionalists.   Parisan are often described as being honorable, gallant, gracious, protective, conservative, and stubborn.



The Parisan were designed by the Verin to serve as honor guard. They draw their appearance more from Faeo than the rest of the Sazashi, featuring a shortened muzzle, more expressive features, and long flowing manes. These manes wrap around the forehead, providing the Parisan with expressive brows.   Their face features fine and short fur and eyes ranging from wheat-gold to ocean blue. Their ears are held at a low angle more like the Verin, but still have the length and ability to swivel like other Sazashi.   A Parisan's coat is often thick but short, letting them survive in a mid-range of temperatures, the colors range from golden to orange. Many families of Parisan have a hereditary darker fractal pattern. Some Parisan choose to dye these patterns as a symbol of genetic pride.   They have a naturally powerful musculature and barrel chests, combined with their average height of 7 feet, it is physical proof to the vitality naturally born in a Parisan.

Nothing is more inspiring in battle than a Parisan stepping between you and the danger. You feel invincible. There is a presence of strength; that nothing could ever knock them down.   I can only imagine how the enemy feels.

Claws and Teeth

The Parisan sport fangs and tusks like the rest of the Sazashi, but they are smaller than the others so they can hide behind their lips.   Parisan claws are more akin to hardened nails and like other Sazashi they have no ability to retract them.

Racial Abilities


The Parisan desire to spread their traditions and beliefs where they can. In order to do this, they often will take other people as their proteges. Proteges are given lessons about the Parisan's most potent skill set. The Parisan takes deep satisfaction when their protege successfully utilizes their training.


The Parisan are natural defenders. Responsive musculature and dense bone structure can work together when a Parisan enters a heightened state of adrenaline. If they take damage while in this state, it mentally and physically affects them less.


Brief History

Throughout history, the Parisan have been accused by some as being old-fashioned and outdated, those that do have been pointed to the success of their homeland on Jhoutai They have always, and will always, control Valdutan. It is the land they claimed after the fall of the Verin Empire, and it is the land they swear to hold until the stars burn out from the heavens. It spans from cold pines to warm plains, from the west edge of Aempis to the east edge of Kajh-Tai.   Despite their strength and capability for combat, throughout history they maintain a steady neutrality with the worlds affairs. While they will chip in volunteer units and assist during global crisis, the Parisan are hesitant to enter offensive conflicts if there is nothing for them to defend.  

Common Culture

The Parisan's culture is rooted in the traditions they have held onto since they gained their independence from the Verin. Family is paramount to the Parisan, and most times the roles in society are determined by the family a Parisan is born into. If you are born a Helmshigh, then you are most likely to be an honor guard or a brew master for example.   It is common for Parisan to spread their traditions throughout the universe. Many wandering Parisan will mention their homes, taking comfort in their backstories and savoring the stories others tell.


Parisan have a tradition to leave their family for long periods of time to embark on pilgrimages around the galaxy. In the beginning, these Pilgrimages were designed as a way for the Parisan to learn from the world and to absorb the learning into their own culture. This was their way of integrating change from the inside rather than having others influence them.   In modern times, a Pilgrimage is often treated as a way for Parisan to have adventures and make a name for themselves. It isn't uncommon for Parisan to take pilgrimages for decades, seeking fortune and fame before returning home to take up the family mantle and retire.


Parisan enjoy sharing their traditions and converting others to them. This to them counts as defending their traditions; as a tradition is only as strong as those that practice it.   It is not uncommon for Parisan to naturally form a relationship with party members, taking them under their wing to teach them some of what they have learned through their life.

Parisan in game

Parisan provide the narrator with a good tank, allowing combat to follow a more classic style. Their honor will allow some conflict if they see something that they disagree with. Give them situations where their firm hold on melee will be tested. Snipers and other ranged units galore.   Use their kindness against them with NPCs, they can be taken advantage of and conflict will arise from them learning that their chivalrous attitude lead them to trouble.   Inside the party they can create unity if played right, everyone loves the tank because they take damage instead of the squishy folk surrounding them.

May2019 Antti Hakosaari Sazashi Parisan Full
Sazashi Parisan Kona Helmshigh by Antti Hakosaari
I must defend all which I value.
— Parisan Akjhe


Genetic Ancestor(s)
Related Ethnicities

Playing a Parisan


At Their Best

Parisan are heroic and honor-bound, providing a near impenetrable shield for the allies both mentally and physically.  

At Their Worst

Parisan are locked to their ways and blind to the need to change. A snapshot of old ways that can get them killed in an ever-fluctuating environment.  

They are the race to play if...

You want to be the defender of the group, protecting everyone else from harm and generally be likable off the field.


Home of Honor

You are a Parisan proud of your upbringing, and your military prowess is something you always seek to improve. You spend your time working to hone your abilities and defend your home and its ways where ever it may be threatened.  


You are a Parisan on the move. While you may love where you come from, you are seeking to find your own adventures and traditions or spread the ones you know. Those you find on your adventures are new candidates to teach or new lessons to learn.  


You find the thought of following the traditions forced upon you appalling. You do not agree with who you were born to be and so you wander attempting to find a new purpose in life. You still gain satisfaction from defending others but you do not yet have an ideal to call your own.


The Parisan were designed by the Verin to serve as honor guard. They draw their appearance more from Faeo than the rest of the Sazashi, featuring a shortened muzzle, more expressive features, and long flowing manes.

1 2 3 -2 -1


+5 Damage to bare-handed Brawl attacks.

Increased Hearing
+1 PER in reference to hearing.

Mantra (Akjhe):
"I must defend all which I value."


Cover image: Antti Hakosaari by Antti Hakosaari


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